Transform Default Negative Attitudes

Transform Default Negative Attitudes

Do you know someone who constantly criticises or corrects other people? When you ask them “Why?” They say “I can’t help myself”.

When you ask someone “Why are you always late?” They say “It’s just the way I am.

Looking at the people in your life you will see many examples like these. They are called personality traits.

Transforming these unhelpful traits is easy with the Flowers of Transformation Set from First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®. They are the 21st century emotional first aid kit.

Transforming negative default settings

Each person has a dominant or default personality archetype. It influences the way we interact with the world. Our innate or default personality archetype can express in a positive or negative manner.

Negative default settings of the personality are unhelpful predispositions, traits, attitudes and emotions. They are automated reactionary responses locked into our subconscious that directly affect our response to life. Ongoing negative attitudes may result in ill health and disease.

A person’s negative personality predispositions, traits, emotions and attitudes can be transformed into their positive counterparts. It is like wearing a pair of coloured lenses. Changing the colour of the lenses gives a person an opportunity to view the world differently and interact with life and people in a more positive and more empowered way.

In the 1930s Dr Bach developed a Bach Flower remedy to address each of the 36 personality traits – both positive and negative aspects.

First Light® Flowers of Transformation Set takes Dr Bach’s work to a whole new level and provides easy-to-use powerful natural tools for addressing personality attitudes in the 21st century.

Closing the gap to experience greater levels of joy

Flowers have been associated with individual human qualities throughout history. The vital quality of JOY is encoded into New Zealand’s native flora. JOY is a natural way of being.

There are 36 First Light® flower essences corresponding with the 36 personality traits.

An immediate impact of using First Light® flower essences is we start to feel better about ourselves.

First Light® flower essences made from New Zealand native plants help to address and close the gap between our inner self – our soul, and the outer self, the persona the world sees – our personality. First Light® flower essences help us to experience greater levels of JOY by helping us to transform the negative aspects and attitudes of the personality.

Everyone wants more JOY in their life.

Transforming default personality traits

There are many stressors in the 21st century: work, finances, family and personal relationship issues. Each personality type responds differently to the stressors.

Our default personality trait plays a valuable role in our lives. It is linked to our date of birth and our Sun sign. At a consciousness level the personality trait linked to our date of birth becomes the default way we respond to stressors and situations in our life.

If you were born on the 29th June, your Sun sign is Cancer and your personality archetype is ‘Caregiver’. First Light® flower essence No 10 Starry Hibiscus is your ‘power flower’. It can help you to transform negative default traits associated with the archetype ‘Caregiver’ and to enhance the positive aspect of your personality.

For example, if your mother is unwell you may take on the ‘Caregiver’ role in a selfless and motherly way, moving back home to care for her. Expressing the positive aspects of the ‘Caregiver’ archetype. After a while, you may experience burn out and the negative aspects of the archetype may show such as becoming over possessive of your mother as  ‘no-one can do it as well as me’ and refusing to take breaks, yet at the same time feeling sorry for yourself and needing constant emotional reassurance.

Your ‘power flower’ helps to keep you in tune with your own needs. It helps you to stay aligned and express the best aspect of yourself. It supports the positive expression of your default personality type.

Taking your ‘power flower’ essence is an easy and quick way to come back into alignment

All 36 personality types are part of our holistic personality matrix. If we experience sudden anxiety attacks we can use First Light® flower essence No 34 Heketara, archetype ‘The Mystic’, to bring inner composure and a deep sense of inner harmony.

Selecting your flower essences

1. Go to a First Light® practitioner near you

2. Select using the First Light® Flower Cards

3. Select using the keywords

You can take your chosen First Light® flower essence by:

1. Placing 2-4 drops under your tongue or in a glass of water

2. Adding 2-4 drops to your morning smoothie or cuppa

3. Adding 4 drops to your drink bottle to sip through the day


Having the Flowers of Transformation Set at home enables you to quickly help yourself and your family members to address reaction to a stressor by giving them their ‘power flower’ or a flower essences that correlates to one of the 36 personality traits. Children love selecting their own flower essences. They are generally spot on. It becomes their own emotional ‘first aid’ kit.

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