Restore Chakra Balance and Personal Power with Tree Essences

Restore Chakra Balance and Personal Power with Tree Essences

Tāne Mahuta is the world’s largest surviving Kauri tree. Kauri; Agathis australis are very unique New Zealand native trees. They are among the world’s mightiest trees and live for well over 2,000 years.

Being up close to this ‘lord of the forest’ is a powerful, consciousness-expanding and energising experience.

The power of ancient trees

The native forests of Aotearoa, New Zealand are some of the most ancient in the world. Many of the native New Zealand trees have ancient lineages over many millions of years.  They bring with them ancient wisdom, perpetual harmony and everlasting balance. It is easy to experience their powerful equilibrating energy as you walk among them.

This is important as we live in the increasingly complex and energy-challenged world of the 21st century. Our chakras, like trees, have a protective, harmonising and strengthening function. Balanced chakras help us to feel strong and empowered to deal with everyday challenges. So it is natural to use the energy and vibration of the remarkable New Zealand native trees to help us restore the natural functioning of our individual chakras and return to a state of natural equilibrium.

What is a chakra?

A chakra is an energy doorway through which the life-force, or ‘chi’, flows into our physical being. Chakras are the doorways through which the human soul expresses itself in the world. They are our direct link to higher consciousness.

At a physical level all of the seven chakras are oriented on the spinal cord, its associated nerve centres and the ductless glands of the endocrine system.

Chakras influence our thoughts, feelings and actions. They establish the quality of our life and our experience of life.

When our chakras are well maintained they enable us to ‘stand’ tall and strong in the world. We experience inner balance and harmony. This then flows into our daily life.

Chakra imbalances

Chakras can malfunction and become imbalanced. Chakra imbalance can express in either over-compensating or under-compensating ways.

For example:

  • An over-compensating base chakra can express as: addiction to security; being overly materialistic; overeating; difficulty letting go of things; having overly strict routines and structures or a rigid and inflexible approach to life; experiencing low energy or low ‘chi’; feeling lazy or energetically sluggish.
  • An under-compensating base chakra can express as: feeling ungrounded; financial difficulties; life feels unsafe or uncertain; undereating; disconnection from body and physicality; being physically restless; difficulty dealing with mundane matters;  being unreliable; avoiding responsibilities; unable to achieve goals; not being fully present; lacking discipline; being unstructured or disorganised; having self-destructive physical tendencies; dislike physical change.

The base chakra imbalance can be addressed with No 44 Kahikatea tree essence. No 44 Kahikatea helps you to plan and determine what systems, routines, disciplines and structures are necessary to bring your dreams and visions into physical reality. It helps you to tap into the life force of the Universe and to walk with certainty, confidence and presence in the world. No 44 Kahikatea helps you to feel you are a master of your own destiny and have a sense of order and dominion over your life.

Causes of chakra imbalances

There are a number of factors that can negatively impact on the chakra, which in turn can easily disrupt our inner harmony and balance.

Some of the common factors include: the rapid pace of change, sedentary lifestyle, environmental degradation, poor dietary habits, the proliferation of potentially harmful chemicals, radiation and toxicity, as well as our own disempowering thoughts and negative emotions. Loud noises such as amplified music, leaf blowers or nail guns can also easily throw our chakras out of balance.

These types of everyday chakra imbalances, as well as long-standing and deep-seated chakra imbalances, can be easily addressed with the seven tree essences in the First Light® Personal Power Set.

Addressing chakra imbalances

As you navigate each day you are faced with different challenges. Such challenges can cause one chakra, or more, to get out of balance, leading to unhelpful responses, negative emotional reactions and disempowering mental states. If this continues it can lead to ill health and can compromise your experience of life. Working with the seven tree essences in the First Light® Personal Power Set enables you to maintain each of the seven chakras in optimal condition.

Having the seven tree essences at your fingertips is like having your own tuning fork. The seven tree essences in the First Light® Personal Power Set are made from native evergreen trees of Aotearoa, New Zealand. They work to help balance, strengthen and protect the seven individual chakras. They also help to restore the energetic integrity of our chakras, which enables us to experience a natural state of inner balance and personal power.

How can I use the Personal Power Set in my daily life?

The tree essences in the First Light® Personal Power Set can be taken as a one-off response to a situation or as daily chakra maintenance.

For example, you have an important meeting where you know you will experience opposition. Take No 46 Totara for the solar plexus chakra beforehand to help you stop the negative mind chatter and self-doubt. No 46 Totara tree essence helps to bring you back into your power place. You can also take No 48 Maire for the throat chakra to help you to communicate clearly, speak with a strong voice and listen so you hear all sides of the story.

The seven First Light® tree essences and the seven chakras are coded to the different days of the week. They can be used for regular daily maintenance to stimulate the positive aspects of each chakra. For example, on Mondays you would take No 49 Miro for the third eye chakra, the keyword is intuition. On Tuesday, No 45 Matai for the sacral chakra, the keyword is fluidity. You can learn more about how to work with the seven chakras, the seven tree essences and the seven days of the week for daily empowerment in the First Light® Trees – Personal Power online course.

How do I know which tree essence to take?

There are a number of ways to know. You can:

  • Choose logically (left brain) by looking at the behaviours that are worrying you and selecting the appropriate tree essence using keywords on our website or The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa Volume One book.
  • Select intuitively (right brain) and /or muscle check for the right tree essence to use.
  • Pull out a tree card from the First Light® Flower Essence Cards© every morning or when needed.
  • Make up a combination of tree essences to address a number of, or all, the chakras at once.
  • Follow the ancient shamanic technique by working with specific tree essences on particular days of the week. Learn how to do this in our online course First Light® Trees – Personal Power.


How can I use the Personal Power Set with my family?

You can use any of the methods described above with members of your family.

For example, if a child is suddenly reluctant to go to school, bring No 44 Kahikatea to the rescue. No 44 Kahikatea tree essence helps to rebalance the base chakra and restore inner equilibrium when experiencing fear or anxiety. The child can come quickly back to being grounded, with a sense of trust in the world and ready for school.

It is always good to allow children to select their own tree essence. They intuitively usually select the right one.

How do I take tree essences?

You can take your chosen First Light® tree essence by:

1. Placing 2-4 drops under your tongue or in a glass of water

2. Adding 2-4 drops to your morning smoothie or cuppa

3. Adding 4 drops to your drink bottle to sip through the day


Having the First Light® Personal Power Set at home enables you to quickly help yourself and your family members to address any chakra imbalances as they come up. This is a very easy and powerful way of working with nature to maintain inner balance and personal power at all times.

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