Take Charge, Be Calm and Beat Overwhelm...

Take Charge, Be Calm and Beat Overwhelm...

As 2023 hurtles towards a close, many people are finding themselves swept up in a whirlwind of end-of-year deadlines and holiday preparations! 

It is not uncommon to feel pressure mounting...

The art of juggling tasks and expectations, making plans, organising and supporting loved ones - and gift shopping - can sometimes leave even the most resilient amongst us feeling stressed and overwhelmed.
But with a little help from nature, you can find your inner calm amidst the chaos.
Just picture a world where your stress melts away, leaving you feeling focused, balanced and completely empowered to breeze through your to-do list and navigate your way to a wonderful holiday season!


You can Take Charge, Be Calm and Beat Overwhelm

Breeze through your to-do list!

To Support you to feel capable, empowered and emotionally balanced, we recommend this blend  of eight First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®

  • No 2 Native Flax to help you ignite your inner spark, feel motivated, enthusiastic and ready to meet the challenges of the moment
  • No 8 Matata to help you be flexible, optimistic and alert and tranquil
  • No 13 Kanuka to support inner vitality and strength, helps you feel able to cope
  • No 29 Mairehau to help you feel emotionally strong, capable. Supports you to perform at optimal levels
  • No 44 Kahikatea to help you feel grounded, supported, safe and secure
  • No 45 Matai to help you feel emotionally balanced, fluid and at ease
  • No 63 Karamu to help you juggle or multitask, and to believe you have all the resources you need
  • No 66 Rangiora to help act in an empowered and purposeful manner when you need to take charge and be organised and proactive 

If you would like us to make this blend especially for you, simply go to the Self-Selection Blend  on our website and type in these essences numbers (2,8,13,29,44,45,63,66). $30 +P&P

Let the countdown to your 'mission accomplished' begin!


With many blessings,
Franchelle and the Team at First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®

P.S. If you would like to create blends like this to support yourself, your family or clients - you can save up to $585 when you purchase the Practitioners Kit with First Light® No's 1-84 before 6 December 2023.




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