Stand in Your Power – Carry Out A Chakra Detox

Stand in Your Power – Carry Out A Chakra Detox

In a world that feels uncertain and unstable, we can stand strong and empowered! From this empowered place we can then more easily maintain wellbeing in our own lives and in so doing be able to assist others to do the same. To be able to more easily stand in our power we need to have clear, strong and balanced chakra functioning.

Just as we need to cleanse our physical organism from toxic build up, so too we need to cleanse and detox our chakras to remove the accumulations of energetic sludge and heavy energies to enable energy, ‘chi’ or prana to naturally and freely circulate within our being.

What is a chakra?

A chakra is an energy doorway through which the life-force, prana or ‘chi’, flows into our physical being. Chakras are the metaphysical doorways through which the human soul expresses itself in the world. They are our direct link to higher consciousness.

Chakras influence our thoughts, feelings and actions. They establish the quality of our life and our experience of life.

When our chakras are well maintained they enable us to stand tall and strong in the world. This capacity then flows into our daily life helping us to feel empowered, balanced and ready to engage with life.

The optimal functioning of our chakras can be compromised by factors such as the rapid pace of change, sedentary lifestyles, environmental degradation, poor dietary habits, over-reliance on processed foods and the proliferation of potentially harmful chemicals, radiation and toxicity all impact upon our overall wellbeing. As a result, our natural state of wellbeing can become compromised.

How to know that it’s time to do a chakra detox?

The build-up of energetic sludge and the accumulation of heavy energies in the chakras manifests in many different ways. Each of the seven primary chakras influences specific areas of life so the indications of energetic sludge build-up are varied. However, the main indication of sub-optimal chakra function is tiredness or low energy which expresses in life primarily through the main chakra affected. One out of balance chakra will ultimately impact the functioning of all the chakras as they operate as an integrative and interactive system to maintain wellbeing.

For example, due to stress at work, which is causing a person to have feelings of frustration, the base chakra can begin to express in either an over-compensating or under-compensating way. Often it will initially over-compensate which will induce the person to work harder, trying to ‘outrun’ or ‘outwit’ the stress or it will induce the person to actively avoid the stress through any means possible which requires a considerable exertion of effort. This often leads to a state of exhaustion in the person and the charka expresses in an undercompensating manner. This can cause the person to lose interest in the job at hand, shutting themselves off from the stress of the environment, and then isolating themselves or mentally and emotionally ‘checking out’.

This can go on to impact the other chakras by causing the person to withdraw from or close off to other aspects of their life. Work stress may come home with the person, negatively impacting personal relationships, causing the functioning of other chakras to then go into an over-compensating or under-compensating state in order to try to regain balance.

Any time you are experiencing fluctuating energy levels, transferring stress from one part of your life to another, not coping with things in general or feeling out-of-balance, overwhelmed and disconnected, a chakra detox is indicated.

Undertaking a chakra detox at regular intervals throughout the year can mitigate the unnecessary build up of energetic sludge and heavy energies. Regular chakra detoxes enable the free flow of chi or prana to circulate and keep your energy systems in good shape.

You can work with the seven tree essences from the First Light® Flower Essences of New Zealand Personal Power Set to naturally balance and maintain the energetic integrity of each of the seven chakras.

When to begin?

Begin your chakra detox at any time but for an extra boost, start on a significant day, such as:


  •  Your Birthday
  •  New Moon
  •  Winter/Summer Solstice
  •  Spring/Autumn Equinox
  •  New Year


How to do a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Chakra Detox Program© – 2 Steps:


  • STEP 1: Add 3 drops of each of the First Light® tree essences No’s 44-50 to a 25ml bottle with 5ml of brandy and 20ml of pure spring water.
  • STEP 2: Take 2-4 drops from the 25ml flower essence blend bottle 3-4 times a day until finished (4-6 weeks).


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