For Furry Friends: Our Top 3 Flower Essence Picks

For Furry Friends: Our Top 3 Flower Essence Picks

For many people, the holiday season brings joy, fun and festivities, but it can also usher in a myriad of emotions and challenges. 

And just like us, our animals can get swept up into the celebrations and be affected by the whirlwind of highs and lows at this time of year. 

From the excitement of holiday gatherings and new locations, to the stress of fireworks, loud festivities and tricky family dynamics - they experience it all...

In this message we share our top three flower essences to support our furry friends -  they are easy to use, just add 3 drops to a bowl of water!

(the photos below feature our 'pawsome' customers - Jaspurr, Evie and Yogi)

First Light® De-Stress Support©
Inner Peace and Calm

Use this flower essence blend when your pet appears stressed, on-edge, overwhelmed or overstimulated.

Perfect for those times when life gets a little hectic. Ideal for when there are changes in routine, unfamiliar or surprise visitors and loud holiday celebrations.

$33 + P&P

First Light® Crisis Support©
Nature to the Rescue

An all purpose emergency formula, ideal for times of crisis, shock or unexpected change. 

Offers stability and reassurance - best served with a hug when they need it most.
(Supports pets when there are fireworks too)

$33 + P&P 

"The Crisis Support© blends are for all people and animals, no matter how ‘big’ the experience has been."
Gaia and Shanti Aplin
Crisis Support© Roadie to Hawkes Bay, March 2023, After Cyclone Gabrielle, NZ

First Light® Travel Support©
Refresh and Reintegrate

From the jitters of long car rides to the unfamiliarity of new places, this flower essence supports inner balance for the energetic challenges associated with travel.

You can say, 'hello' to the spirit of adventure - it's time to create more unforgettable memories!

$33 + P&P 

If you would like a personal recommendation or have any questions about how First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® can help your animal, you can email us at [email protected]

With much love,
The Team at First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®