No 10 Starry Hibiscus: The Tenderness Essence

No 10 Starry Hibiscus: The Tenderness Essence

No 10 Starry Hibiscus Deva’s Blessing

“I bring the gift of tenderness and inner sustenance. Through me you find the inner ocean of the cherishing light where there are no tides – only a serenity and calmness that knows no ebb.”

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber


Starry Hibiscus is now not so common in the wild and only occurs naturally in small areas of Northland, New Zealand. In summer it produces large numbers of pale yellow slightly scented flowers with a very striking deep maroon eye. Starry Hibiscus is unusual because the flowers only open on dull days and remain open for just a few hours. Flowers, unopened buds and seed heads all appear together on the stem.

No 10 Starry Hibiscus flower essence, also known as the ‘weaning’ essence is helpful for those who are clingy and overprotective of children, parents, partners or friends. These people demand attention and do not like to be left alone. They need constant emotional assurance which leads to power struggles in relationships.

Indicators for use: Needy, selfish, emotionally manipulative, martyr-like, difficulty separating from child or parent, emotional pain.

Also helpful for those who:

  • Feel emotionally vulnerable
  • Lack emotional fulfillment
  • Have never felt loved, feel unwanted
  • Have no sense of belonging
  • Hurt themselves or those who are close if they don’t get their own way
  • Emotional pain, anger or avoidance around home environment, family, parenting, childhood



  • Tenderness
  • Selfless love
  • Inner emotional security
  • Balanced feelings and emotions
  • Able to emotionally sustain oneself
  • Able to make powerful emotinoal choices
  • Deals with emotinoal power struggles in an empowered manner


Latin name: Hibiscus trionum

Maori Name: Puarangi

Archetype: The Caregiver

How to use: Place 3 drops on the tongue or add to a glass of water. Repeat 3-4 times daily or as required.

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