Feeling Anxious about Finances? Try No 44 Kahikatea Tree Essence

Feeling Anxious about Finances? Try No 44 Kahikatea Tree Essence


Did you know that feeling anxious or worried about money and financial security could be signs of a Base Chakra imbalance? 
By balancing your Base Chakra you can create a sense of stability, security and self-sufficiency and be prosperous in your daily life.

Why The Base Chakra? - The ‘Fight or Flight’ Centre

Your Base Chakra is the ‘fight or flight’ centre of your being. It is the energy centre that regulates your physical responses to life. It influences your ability to create wealth and abundance, as well as being able to be fully present and effective in the material world.

What Does a Base Chakra Imbalance Feel Like?

When the Base Chakra is out of balance or becomes blocked, you may:

  • Experience financial difficulties
  • Feel ungrounded
  • Feel that life is unsafe or uncertain 
  • Feel unsupported
  • Feel energetically depleted or tired
  • Feel easily ‘thrown off centre’ by unexpected situations
  • Feel that you can’t get organised
  • Feel unsuccessful and that you cannot achieve what you want
  • Struggle to manage day-to-day responsibilities 
  • Have fear of physical change 

Anxiety resulting from a perceived existential crisis can have a serious impact on the Base Chakra, and after the global events of the past few years, huge numbers of people are currently experiencing such an existential crisis to some degree or another.
For people who want to feel safe and supported through knowing their physical needs will be met, I always recommend No 44 Kahikatea tree essence from the First Light® Trees – Personal Power Collection
If you would like to create an energetic shift to feel more effective, secure and successful in your physical world, you can use No 44 Kahikatea tree essence.


No 44 Kahikatea


Feel Financially Secure

No 44 Kahikatea helps to clear, energise, balance, strengthen and protect the Base Chakra. It works vibrationally to help retore a sense of stability at a deep level of the being. 

Use No 44 Kahikatea to help you to help you to: 

  • create stable financial foundations 
  • feel more financially and physically secure 
  • have a sense of trust in the world
  • feel successful in your life
  • manage and organise your life effectively 
  • feel grounded and fully present 
  • feel comfortable in your body and in your physicality 
  • relax and let your guard down


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You will: 

  • Learn how to identify and accurately address seven chakra imbalances with their associated anxieties so you can help yourself and others stay balanced, calm and strong
  • Discover the sacred wisdom teachings about the seven chakras, their role and purpose
  • Learn about the remarkable holistic healing benefits of the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® tree essences No’s 44-50 and how to use them to support  yourself, your family and with clients
  • Learn about personal and collective chakra impactation so you can be empowered to move through difficult times and stand tall amidst chaos and uncertainty
  • Learn to identify your constitutional tree essence so you can quickly bring yourself back into balance, no matter what life throws at you
  • Find out how to do a full chakra detoxification – an essential self-care program for restoring inner strength and maintaining natural holistic wellbeing in your everyday life
  • And much, much more


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