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First Light® Power Flower

Step into Your Power - Be Your Potential

Your First Light® Power Flower helps to align your inner and outer nature and supports harmonious personality expression. It helps you to express your most positive attributes and experience greater levels of joy. Working with your power flower helps maintain personality equilibrium and harmony, individual energetic integrity and helps support an increased sense of well-being.

Your First Light® Power Flower is your personal keynote essence which corresponds to your date of birth and will be one of the 36 essences from First Light® flower essences No's 1 - 36.

Just Enter your Birth Date to have your First Light® Power Flower calculated for you.

Your First Light® Power Flower comes in a 10ml stock bottle and can be used directly from the bottle.

Place 3 drops on the tongue or use in a glass of water. Repeat 3-4 times daily as required.

10ml stock oral dropper bottle

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