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First Light® Eight Dimensions of Wellbeing Blend

First Light® Eight Dimensions of Wellbeing Blend

Simply focus on the personal issue or question you would like to address or require assistance with and use the Automatic Card Selector to uncover your flower essence cards.

Use this eight card Eight Dimensions of Wellbeing spread to gain clarity and insight into what vibrational support the different aspects of yourself require right now.

The eight First Light® essences that are automatically selected for you constitute a unique blend to support you holistically at this time and nurture all levels of your being.

25ml Flower Essence oral dropper bottle

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 Take 2-4 drops under the tongue 3-4 times daily or as required.

Use within 6 – 8 weeks from date of purchase.

It can take up to two months to establish energetic alignment and changes within the holistic being. We recommend purchasing two bottles.

Your Eight Dimensions of Wellbeing Reading

Be in a quiet state as you form the issue or question in your mind that you would like support with.

Once you press Begin, eight essences are automatically selected for you.

One Eight Dimensions of Wellbeing card layout and the accompanying essence blend in a four to eight week period is recommended. As it can take up to eight weeks to change a habit or an attitude, we recommend you purchase two 25ml bottles.