Vibrational Healing Signatures and Chakra Imbalances

Vibrational Healing Signatures and Chakra Imbalances

Do you find that it doesn’t take much these days to throw you off balance?

Are you noticing that people around you are feeling unsteady or wobbly and struggling to find a point of stability?

It is totally understandable  - so many people are finding it challenging to meet the demands of daily life when things around and within them, feel so unpredictable.

How nature’s healing signatures can help restore inner balance

There is help at hand to get you through these times. And this help comes from the native forests of New Zealand in the form of seven very special First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® tree essences.

New Zealand’s native forests are some of the most ancient in the world. For millions of years these forests remained untouched and undisturbed leaving them in a pristine energetic state.

This lack of disturbance from outside influences enabled the native trees and plants of New Zealand to evolve in relative isolation which lead to them developing unique vibrational healing qualities that are not found anywhere else on Earth.

Many native New Zealand trees have ancient lineages that are many millions of years old. Because of their great age, these trees carry great wisdom and vibrational healing signatures that, when worked with in a particular way, have the capacity to energetically restore you to a state of inner balance, stability and harmony.

Stand tall, strong and empowered

Of these native trees, there are seven particularly special ones that, when worked with in the form of the seven First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® tree essences, support you energetically and empower you to stand tall and strong like a tree – metaphorically speaking that is! How do they do this?

Chakras and a natural state of balance

These seven remarkable native New Zealand tree essences carry unique holistic healing vibrations that have powerful energetically balancing effects on your seven chakras. They work directly on your seven chakras by energetically ‘tuning’ the chakras to bring them into a natural state of balance.

A bit about the chakras…

A chakra is an energy doorway through which life-force, or ‘chi’, flows into your physical being. Chakras are the doorways through which your human soul expresses itself in the world. They are in essence your direct link to higher consciousness.

At a physical level all of the seven chakras are oriented on the spinal cord, its associated nerve centres and the ductless glands of the endocrine system.

The state of your chakras influences your thoughts, feelings and actions, and establishes the quality of your life experience. When your chakras are balanced you feel strong and empowered to deal with everyday challenges. You experience a sense of inner balance and harmony which then flows into your daily life.

The chakras have a protective, harmonising and strengthening function and when your chakras are functioning well, you experience a natural state of equilibrium.  When your chakras are not functioning optimally, you may feel out of balance or find it difficult to relate to the world around you in a healthy way.

Chakra imbalances 

How do chakras get out of balance in the first place?

The reasons are many and have a lot to do with modern living and lifestyle behaviours including poor dietary habits and lack of exercise, as well as deep seated unresolved trauma, emotional issues and pain.

Add to the mix all manner of artificial and unnatural things you are exposed to on a daily basis such as environmental pollutants, toxic chemicals and loud repetitive noises and it’s a recipe for disaster!

When the chakras have been negatively impacted for a protracted period of time, you may even start to experience physical symptoms of ill health related to the particular chakra or chakras.

When chakras malfunction and become imbalanced they can express in either over-compensating or under-compensating ways. You can work with First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® tree essences to bring them back into a state of natural balance.

Here is an example:


An over-compensating base chakra can express as:

    • addiction to security
    • materialistic
    • physical greed
    • overeating 
    • can't let go of things 
    • self-centred
    • overly strict routines and structures
    • rigid, 'heavy' and inflexible approach to life
    • monotony
    • energetically sluggish
    • lazy 
    • low energy or 'chi'


An under-compensating base chakra can express as:

    • feeling ungrounded 
    • life feels unsafe or uncertain 
    • feeling unsupported
    • disconnection from body and physicality 
    • undereating 
    • physically restless
    • cannot settle
    • difficulty dealing with mundane matters
    • financial difficulties
    • unreliable 
    • avoids responsibilities 
    • unable to achieve goals
    • not fully present 
    • lack of discipline 
    • unstructured


By energetically bringing the base chakra back to a state of natural balance, First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® No 44 Kahikatea tree essence supports the experience of vitality, feeling grounded and comfortable in the body, having a sense of trust in the world, feeling safe and secure, the ability to relax and be still, stability, prosperity, being effective and responsible in the physical world

Quickly get yourself back on track

The seven First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® tree essences work at a vibrational level to quickly bring your chakras back in to balance. This means you can quickly get yourself back on track, standing tall and strong and ready to meet life again, no matter what comes your way.

When taken on a regular basis the seven tree essences can support you to:

  • Feel more effective, organised and fully present
  • Relate easily with others and experience greater emotional fulfilment
  • Feel happy, empowered and able to draw opportunities to yourself
  • Expand your capacity for love and see the beauty in life
  • Express yourself clearly and creatively with ease
  • Trust your intuition and be open to inner guidance
  • Feel spiritually connected and protected


The First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® tree essences can be taken as a one-off response to a situation or on daily basis to maintain healthy function of your chakras

You can find out more about each of the seven tree essences, how they balance each of the seven chakras and the positive potential working with each essence can have in your life here.

With much love,


P.S. If you want to live a more authentic expression of who you truly are and to  feel more empowered, know this is possible with the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® tree essences.



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