How to Clear Trauma From Your Life

How to Clear Trauma From Your Life

Did you know that the impact of all types of trauma is stored in your aura? If you have ever experienced a shock, an accident (even a minor one), a bereavement, sudden change in circumstances, given birth, had dental or other surgery or had a ‘close call’ that gave you a fright, among a myriad of other traumatic events, the impact of that experience can stay with you, stored in your aura.

What is the aura and what does it do?

Your aura is a multi-layered energetic structure or energy field that surrounds you. It perfectly reflects your state of being on a physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Equally the state or condition of your aura will directly and indirectly influence your thoughts and emotions. It holds within it the influences of everything you have ever experienced. Consequently, any unresolved traumas of any type or degree will continue to exist, as they are held within your aura.

The aura is an electromagnetic field or matrix. What this implies is that it will attract to it that which it contains. This is the reason that we can find ourselves in situations that seem very repetitive or familiar and wonder ‘why does this keep happening to me?’. Despite our best efforts to resolve these repetitive situations in our lives, they cannot change until the pattern in our electromagnetic field is changed.

Clearing the trauma from the aura

Some of these patterns have been with us for a very long time. Our upbringing, parental influence, school experiences and innate personality traits as well as our own thoughts all contribute to the electromagnetic signals and patterns that our aura contains and transmits. This is exacerbated in the 21st century by the proliferation of technology, pollution, noise and over stimulating environments we are increasingly or constantly exposed to.

A person will continue to experience the ongoing effects of all the traumatic events in their life until their aura is cleared of the existing negative energetic patterns.

In order to clear the negative energetic patterns of trauma from the aura we need to ideally employ an energetic approach. The best tools to facilitate that are the First Light® fern essences.

First Light® fern essences are award winning vibrational medicines made from New Zealand native ferns. Native New Zealand ferns have over 400 million years of evolution behind them and this makes them the unique carriers of the special powers of nature that have the ability to access deep levels of the human psyche or soul and restore neutrality and equilibrium. Because of the great age of New Zealand native ferns, First Light® fern essences can also address cellular memory in the ‘body mind’ – allowing the ‘cell memory’ of trauma to be cleared. Consequently, the First Light® fern essences can help address and clear very deep-seated levels of trauma, regardless of the degree or age of the trauma.

We recommended using First Light® Aura Detox with the seven First Light® fern essences when you are experiencing one or more of the following:


  • Feeling overwhelmed by normal daily activities
  • Heightened sensitivity to noise, light or odours
  • Sensory overload – avoiding crowded places, needing time alone, feeling like crying
  • Recovering from a stressful event that has required stepping outside a comfort zone
  • Recovering from illness
  • Headaches, body aches, disturbed sleep patterns or daytime tiredness
  • Moodiness that is unusual


What can I expect from the First Light® Aura Detox?

First Light® Aura Detox with the seven fern essences No’s 37-43 supports you to move beyond, pain, trauma and suffering and return to a natural state of harmony.

How do I do the First Light® Aura Detox?

Add 3 drops of each of the fern essences No’s 37-43 from First Light® Fern Collection© to a blank 25ml flower essence bottle. Take 2-4 drops 3-4 times a day until finished (4-6 weeks). You can also pop 12 drops in your water bottle and sip during the day, making sure you finish the bottle.

Learn more about the aura and how to clear seven types of fundamental trauma

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