Never Waste A Good Crisis – Learn Your Soul Lesson and Emerge Triumphant

Never Waste A Good Crisis – Learn Your Soul Lesson and Emerge Triumphant

There is nothing so certain in life than change and it is not in our destiny to remain the same. Our souls are here to learn, grow and evolve, however, growth or change is not necessarily perceived as a comfortable experience. In fact, most of us expend huge amounts of energy fearing or resisting change and trying to maintain the status quo when in fact we should be embracing it. As each of us travels on our individual soul journey, we will encounter many life challenges that present us with an opportunity to learn our soul lessons and to grow as a soul.

Meeting life challenges as a soul

The life challenges that present as soul lessons often create a type of crisis and appear to be experiences over which we have no control. It is important to remember that every experience, large or small, is an invitation to express and expand our potential and to move forward and to grow as a person. The challenges that our soul needs to meet and overcome will inevitably affect us at a very deep personal level and consequently, many of them will be life changing.

 “When the soul wishes to experience something, she throws an image of the experience out before her and enters into her own image.”  Meister Eckhart

Releasing negative patterns, pain and suffering

Paying attention to our soul’s urge to grow and taking the necessary action required to do so, can help to bring resolution to long standing life problems which can release us from negative patterns and life scenarios that cause pain and  suffering. Having an understanding of what we are facing at a soul level can mitigate anxiety and enable us to engage in a fearless and empowered way with challenging life situations. It means we can turn a crisis and challenge to our advantage. We can move more quickly through a crisis and gain soul and personal growth from every experience.

Soul cycles and soul lessons in everyday life

There are 22 archetypal soul lessons that the soul can encounter. The journey of encountering life challenges and learning our soul lessons begins when we are born. Each year on our birthday, our soul enters into a new cycle, known as the solar year. Each solar year presents us with an opportunity to learn and master a different and particular soul lesson. Our soul chooses one of the 22 soul lessons to focus on during a particular solar year.

For example, if our current soul lesson is ‘to be comfortable with change’ then we may experience wake-up calls that will highlight where we are not allowing change to happen in our life. When this happens we can choose to stay stuck in our old ways and feel paralysed by our circumstances or we can embrace change, move on and become free from old entrenched beliefs and self-limiting attitudes.  If we do this we can then live authentically, dynamically and fully in the moment.

If our current soul lesson is ‘to harness the emotions’ then we will have an opportunity to become aware of our own emotional volatility and reactivity.  We may get to see where we have a ‘short fuse’. We can choose to stay caught up in our emotions, feel disempowered and become even more reactive or we can choose to develop emotional strength, self-control and self-mastery so that we can access deeper reserves of strength and courage within ourselves.

Finding out your current soul lesson

The current world situation with its unprecedented trials and tribulations can powerfully and very quickly bring our attention to the primary soul lesson we need to learn in our current solar year. An awareness of this presents each one of us with a remarkable opportunity to grow and evolve.

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