Take Charge of Your DNA – Break Out of Karma Drama

Take Charge of Your DNA – Break Out of Karma Drama

DNA is something we are born with and for most people it is hard to imagine that its integrity can be damaged or compromised. What could cause energetic distortions in our DNA? What are the consequences of that in our daily life? And most importantly, how can we take charge of the energetic integrity of our own DNA and break out of the endless cycle of repetitive disempowering dramas?

What impacts the energetic integrity of DNA?

The source of the impact on the energetic integrity of DNA can be collective, personal, past life or passed down by the ancestral line. Some of the collective impacts include climate change, war, constant EMF waves, adulteration of food and many others. On a personal level, we can impact our own DNA positively or negatively by the way we speak, think and behave.

Any negative or destructive relationship to life that is sustained for any length of time has the potential to establish itself at the DNA level. When this happens the destructive or negative relationship runs automatically in the life. It often gets slowly worse while at the same time becoming harder to consciously recognise and be objective about.

For example, when a person repetitively acts out on their separatist beliefs that are not based on universal truths and inclusivity they can create and perpetuate energetic distortions and negative epigenetic changes in their DNA. Life situations that are highly stressful can also negatively impact DNA. The result is that over time DNA can lose some of its original energetic integrity. As a consequence, DNA takes on an energetically compromised or distorted vibrational pattern. This energetic DNA distortion expresses in consciousness as 12 core negative beliefs.

DNA impactation whether it is personal, collective or ancestral holds the keys to the types of relationships we attract into our lives. Often these types of attractions are repetitive, compulsive, obsessive and full of negative power games and power plays. It is in these types of relationships that we see the patterns of ‘karma drama’ that we repeat over and over again. We get locked in at a DNA level into an endless cycle of repetitive disempowering dramas.

What is DNA?

DNA contains our unique blueprint.

At a physical level, the information held in the DNA primarily determines our physical form, hereditary maladies, mental proclivities, behaviour patterns and our natural gifts or talents.

At a metaphysical level, DNA is the basis of all relatedness. It holds the master patterns for living and right relationship with ourselves, others and life in general. Our relationships determine the integrity of our DNA. And the integrity of our DNA determines the quality of our relationships. Negative relating patterns locked in at the DNA level cause us to develop negative beliefs, which induce us to enter into problematic interactions and relationships with people, situations and all of life.

For the energetic integrity of DNA to be maintained it requires that the keynote of peace be imbued into and permeate each of the 12 strands or layers of DNA. When in a pristine energetic state the 12 strands or layers of DNA are embodiments of the 12 expressions of peace. Together they make up the priceless 12-faceted jewel of perfect peace.

Connect with your original energetic blueprint

Until the 21st century, the loss of energetic integrity of DNA has been hard to address. We now have the option of First Light® seed essences that work at a vibrational level. These seed essences are ready for swift energetic action right down to the energetic level of DNA.

The First Light® New Beginnings Set contains 12 seed essences corresponding to the 12 original strands or layers of DNA. These seed essences are made from a unique group of native plants found in New Zealand’s ancient forests.

Seeds are enormously powerful. A tiny seed has the potential to crack apart solid rock. This capacity is also reflected in the way a seed germinates. The hard outer shell of a seed splits apart in order to let the tiny shoot of new growth contained within it to appear.

The First Light® seed essences can help us to break out of established negative patterns. They can help break apart the hardened energetic accretions that hold us in a rigid belief pattern and help remove blocks, hereditary or current, that prevent us from moving forward. The First Light® seed essences help us make a fresh start. They act as an energetic catalyst or bridge to get us to the next place in our consciousness and our life.

The First Light® seed essences raise our vibration and key us into the original or true energetic blueprint at the level of DNA. By working with these seed essences we are more able to restore our capacity for right relationship at all levels of our being. The unifying resonance of the 12 First Light® seed essences is peace, peace on earth and peaceful interaction between people and nature. As we progressively step from one seed essence to the next we can experience deeper levels of peace and relatedness.

How to get started

It is really easy to start taking First Light® seed essences.

When you notice a negative pattern you can take immediate action with First Light® seed essences. For example, if you are feeling stuck with no vision for the future or what life could truly be, take seed essence First Light® No 56 Inkberry to help release core negative beliefs and limiting life patterns around one’s relationship with ideals, dreams, vision, visionary thought processes, intuition and authenticity.

If you find that kids are throwing tantrums because life is just overwhelming, you can give them seed essence First Light® No 52 Nikau Palm to help release blocks and limiting patterns around negative emotional behaviour.

The First Light® seed essences come in 10ml stock bottles and can be used directly or made into a flower essence blend.

Using directly from stock bottle: 

1. Place 2-4 drops under your tongue or in a glass of water

2. Add 2-4 drops to your morning smoothie or cuppa

3. Add 4 drops to your drink bottle to sip through the day


Creating your own First Light® seed essence blend:

  • Add 5ml or a teaspoon of brandy (cider vinegar if preferred) to a 20-25ml glass dropper bottle and fill with pure spring water.
  • Add 3 drops of each of the chosen First Light® seed essences from the stock bottles to the glass dropper bottle.
  • Place 2-4 drops from the blend bottle on the tongue 3-4 times a day or as required.
  • Use within 6 weeks.


It can take up to two months to establish energetic alignment and changes within the holistic being, we recommend taking the seed essences for at least two months.

Having the First Light® New Beginnings Set with the 12 seed essences at home enables you to work at a deep energetic level to release those repeating patterns that hold you back from experiencing peaceful and harmonious relationship with yourself, others and life.

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