16 June 2022 – Open Clinic Day with Free Mini-Consultations

16 June 2022 – Open Clinic Day with Free Mini-Consultations

Our team had a successful and magical day helping people on zoom last Thursday with free mini-consultations.
We received positive and heartening feedback from those who booked in to see us. Many of them told us they really enjoyed being given the opportunity to have a conversation with one of our team and get a bespoke flower essence blend created for them.
The opportunity to talk about what they wanted support with and to have that human connection was a gift....and our team loved it too! 
There is something special that happens when we meet with others in this way...a kind of magic that reminds us we are never alone on our journey, that we are all one and have powerful support from nature to help us in times of need. 
We look forward to more opportunities to connect with you so, stay tuned for more initiatives like this one.


At a recent event in Auckland where our team offered free in-person mini-consultations, people told us they needed support with things like trying to make a decision, dealing with issues at work, resolving a conflict at home, managing a break up, needing direction and feeling off centre. 
Many were curious to try a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® blend, but did not know where to start. 
If they were feeling that way we thought maybe there were also other people in our community who felt the same way. 
So we have decided to set up…

An Online Open Clinic Day with Free Mini-Consultations
16 June 2022, Thursday

You can book in for your free 15-minute consultation on zoom with one of our highly qualified team when you pre-purchase your personalized flower essence blend. You can tell us what you need help with and together we will create the perfect blend to support you.

Visit this page, to book your space

We are excited to meet with you ‘in person’ on zoom.