Amazing Holistic Healing Power of New Zealand Native Trees

Amazing Holistic Healing Power of New Zealand Native Trees

Some of the most magical and powerful species of trees in New Zealand’s forests have an unbroken lineage reaching far back into prehistory. Certainly for 140 million years and, according to some researchers, for over 190 million years… a time when the ancient continent of Gondwanaland was still intact and dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

The English word ‘truth’ has a very similar meaning to the word uprightness. Truth means that which is real and genuine. It is that which is steadfast and has virtue and integrity. Uprightness also means having integrity as well as being honourable and like truth, having virtue.

Trees in general, and especially New Zealand native trees, embody not only the quality of truth but also uprightness. Trees grow in a very upright manner. This quality of uprightness and truth is very important when it comes to working with the vibrational power of trees for holistic wellbeing.

Balance, strengthen and protect the chakras

The seven First Light® tree essences are made from New Zealand native trees that have a powerful holistic healing quality and are each associated with one of the seven major chakras.

The chakras are metaphysical centres through which powerful life force, prana or ‘chi’ flows into the physical being to balance, strengthen and protect not only the chakras themselves but our whole being. The Sanskrit word ‘chakra’ means wheel or disc. The seven main chakras in the human energy field are rotating wheels of light and subtle activity. They function as centres of energy and align with the spinal column in the body.

Chakras are like doorways that can open the full potential for establishing the right relationship between the body and mind or between the physical and metaphysical aspects of our being. They are the keys that unlock hidden inner capacities that produce the harmonious expression of the whole person.

Carl Jung, the Swiss psychoanalyst, referred to the chakras as being ‘gateways of consciousness’.

The chakras influence all our thoughts, feelings and actions: they establish the quality of our personal life and our experience of life. They influence and determine our relationship to everything that occurs in our daily life.

Inner stability and ease

When the state of the chakras is balanced, then inner stability, uprightness and ease become the natural expression of daily living. When they become imbalanced they can express in an over-compensating or under-compensating mode, or alternate between both. When levels of anxiety reach a critical mass and inhibit the natural flow of energy through the chakras they can also become blocked. This can prevent or severely limit the energy flowing through them. An imbalanced chakra can seriously compromise holistic health and wellbeing.

21st century factors

In the 21st century a variety of factors such as the rapid pace of change, sedentary lifestyles, environmental degradation, poor dietary habits, over-reliance on processed foods and the proliferation of potentially harmful chemicals, radiation and toxicity all impact upon our overall wellbeing. As a result, natural wellbeing can be compromised.

The seven First Light® tree essences help to balance, strengthen and protect the chakras, enabling us to experience a sense of inner uprightness and increasing our capacity to deal with a rapidly growing number of 21st century challenges and influences. Together, they are an essential 21st century chakra maintenance kit and we call them the Personal Power Set.


No 44 Kahikatea – Structure 


  • Helps to balance, strengthen and protect the base chakra – the centre that regulates our physical responses to life
  • Helpful for those who feel unsafe or uncertain; avoid responsibilities; lack discipline; experience financial difficulties; unable to achieve life goals
  • Helps to address a lack of or a diminished sense of self-sufficiency
  • Helps to establish stable supportive foundations and structures for a successful life; to help manifest life goals
  • Helps to plan and determine what systems, routines, disciplines and structures are necessary to bring dreams into reality
  • Helps to tap into the life force of the Universe and to walk with certainty and confidence



No 45 Matai – Fluidity


  • Helps to balance, strengthen and protect the sacral chakra -the centre that facilitates the emotional responses to life
  • Helpful for those who experience inhibited emotional responses, feelings, sensual, sexual expression; lack of desire or passion; unbalanced emotions; feel emotionally dissatisfied or unfulfilled
  • Helps to address a lack of or a diminished sense of self-esteem or self-worth
  • Helps to enjoy balanced pleasurable relationships so life is viewed as a fulfilling meaningful journey
  • Helps to move through change more fluidly
  • Helps to shift from being reactive to responsive



No 46 Totara – Inner Power


  • Helps to balance, strengthen and protect the solar plexus chakra – the centre that determines the sense of self-image
  • Helps those who view life as a difficult disempowering experience; have an unbalanced expression of power or will
  • Helps to address a lack of or a diminished sense of self-image
  • Helps to deal with disempowering issues and regain a sense of power
  • Helps to see what or who one gives one’s power away to
  • Helps to face and accomplish tasks with a sense of confidence, competence and ease
  • Helps to feel happy and empowered, knowing one can achieve whatever one puts one’s mind to



No 47 Kauri – Beauty


  • Helps to balance, strengthen and protect the heart chakra – the centre through which one experiences a sense of self
  • Helpful for those who are prone to indecisiveness, uncertainty or ambivalence in love
  • Helps to address conditional love which can express as insincere love that seeks rewards and payoffs
  • Helps to address jealousy, possessiveness and demanding behaviour in relationships
  • Helps to address a lack of or a diminished sense of self
  • Helps to experience a deep empathy with all of lif



No 48 Maire – Healing


  • Helps to balance, strengthen and protect the throat chakra – the centre that facilitates self-expression and all forms of creative expression
  • Helpful for those wishing to use their voice or creativity to clearly express their needs; those prone to verbal inconsistency or unreliability
  • Helps to address a lack of or a diminished sense of self-expression
  • Help to listen to others and hear the truth of what is being said
  • Helps to express heartfelt passion as pure creative expression: knowing one has something unique to offer and the means to communicate it



No 49 Miro – Intuition


  • Helps to balance, strengthen and protect the third eye chakra – the centre that acts as a link to the intuitive and higher psychic capacities
  • Helpful for those who can’t see the obvious or what is right in front of them; those who have uncertainty or ambivalence about trusting intuitive processes
  • Helps to address a lack of or a diminished sense of self-awareness
  • Helps to honour the role of intuition in the life
  • Helps to feel comfortable taking time out to imagine, daydream or dream of other options, solutions or possibilities
  • Helps to connect to one’s inner knowing and to set about dynamically acting on it



No 50 Rimu – Connection


  • Helps balance, strengthen and protect the crown chakra – the centre that connects one to Spirit
  • Helpful for those prone to uncertainty or ambivalence about spiritual connectedness
  • Helps to address a lack of or a diminished sense of self-autonomy
  • Help to bring spiritual clarity and focus in everyday life
  • Helps to experience spiritual stillness and tranquillity
  • Helps to strengthen connection to the higher self
  • Helps to draw energy in through the crown chakra and down to the soles of the feet
  • Helps to trust one’s spiritual connection, especially in challenging and confusing times



How to use First Light® tree essences

First Light® tree essences come in 10ml stock bottles and can be used directly or made into a flower essence blend. The seven First Light® tree essences No’s 44-50 can also be used as a First Light® Chakra Detox Program©.

Using directly from stock bottle:

  • Place 3 drops on the tongue or add to a glass of water. Repeat 3-4 times daily or as required.


Using First Light® Chakra Detox Program©:

  • Add 5ml or a teaspoon of brandy (cider vinegar if preferred) to a 20-25ml glass dropper bottle and fill with pure spring water.
  • Add 3 drops of each of the seven First Light® tree essences No’s 44-50 from the stock bottles to the treatment bottle.
  • Place 2-4 drops from the blend bottle on the tongue 3-4 times a day or as required.
  • Flower essence blends should be used within 6 weeks.


Restoring truth

First Light® tree essences No’s 44-50 are associated with restoring truth through the restoration of inner balance and uprightness or personal integrity and power. When we use First Light® tree essences, we are able to act from truth and we become a living embodiment of truth. The power of truth is infinite in its capacity to positively influence our life and the world around us.

Begin a rewarding journey to holistic health with First Light® tree essences today!