The Great Reset – Resetting to Your Soul’s Path

The Great Reset – Resetting to Your Soul’s Path

We are each born with a unique set of skills, unique qualities and a very specific path that our soul has chosen to walk in this lifetime.

Like a ship sailing in the big stormy ocean, we can be thrown off course, lose sight of our coordinates and be pushed about by the big tides and winds. We can get lost in the day-to-day stuff of the physical world, lose connection with our soul and get caught up in the drama of everything that is happening around us.

From the soul’s perspective the times we live in right now offer us a valuable opportunity to reset ourselves to our true path and to get back on course. There is a greater perspective that you can come from that will enable you to feel much more empowered to face any challenges that may come your way and to confidently and purposefully navigate the unpredictable terrain.

“The soul is the essence of a person which decides how a person behaves.”

The Greek Philosopher Plato, 424 -348BC

In the First Light® Plants – Life Enhancement course I have written about the 22 archetypal soul, or karmic lessons, and how each soul comes into a lifetime with a specific soul lesson it wants to learn. This lesson constitutes the life path for that soul. The 22 universal archetypal soul lessons transcend all personal belief systems, religions, philosophies, cultural backgrounds, personal conditioning and even time itself.


What Are the 22 Soul Paths or Soul Lessons?

When we know what our personal life path or soul lesson is in this lifetime, we can stay on track with our soul’s objectives and have a sense of purpose and direction.

Below is a list of the 22 archetypal soul lessons and their correspondences to the 22 First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® plants essences.

1.    Manifestation - Knowing one has all the resources needed at one's disposal - No 63 Karamu

2.    Wisdom - Remaining neutral and detached to access wisdom and understand deeper significances - No 64 Koromiko

3.    Feminine Power - Living abundantly, harmoniously and creatively with others - No 65 Tree Fuchsia  

4.    Masculine Power - Embracing leadership, taking responsibility and acting in an empowered and purposeful manner - No 66 Rangiora  

5.    Guidance - Being directed by inner guidance and one's spiritual connectedness - No 67 Red Rata

6.    Discernment - Developing powers of discernment and discrimination - No 68 Puriri 

7.    Triumph - Mastering opposing forces and influences - No 69 Bracken Fern 

8.    Strength - Harnessing the power of emotions - No 70 Hen and Chickens Fern 

9.    Reflection - The capacity for self-examination and self-reflection - No 71 Coastal Convolvulus

10.  Synchronicity - Aligning oneself with the synchronicity of the universe - No 72 Shining Spleenwort 

11.  Decisiveness - Enhancing one's capacity for objectivity and decisiveness - No 73 Coastal Lobelia.

12.  Grace - Being able to see life from a different perspective - No 74 Golden Corokia 

13.  Release - Being comfortable with death or endings - No 75 Whau 

14.  Moderation - The ability to use one's energies wisely in a balanced way - No 76 Native Hawthorn

15.  White Light Protection - Remembering to not take oneself too seriously - No 77 Clematis  

16.  Change - The ability to dismantle what is false or artificial in life - No 78 Akeake 

17.  Hope - Redefining oneself and aligning with one's destiny - No 79 Fragrant Fern.

18.  Clarity - Developing increased levels of supersensory capacity and psychic ability - No 80 Raglan Roseberry 

19.  Joy - The enhanced capacity to radiate increased levels of joy - No 81 Tanekaha 

20.  Renewal - Being receptive to totally new possibilities - No 82 Golden Tainui. 

21.  Completion -  Wholeness and stability resulting from successful closure and resolution - No 83 Kakabeak 

22.  Faith -  Moving in faith into deeper levels of the unknown - No 84 Kawakawa 


Resetting to Your Soul’s Path

If you would like to know what your personal life path is, you can use the free calculator on our website.


How to use the free First Light® Constitutional calculator to discover your life path:

Step 1: Enter your Birth Date

Step 2: The 5th card with the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® corresponds to your life path

For example, the 5th card is No 78 Akeake corresponds to the archetypal soul lesson of 'Change - The ability to dismantle what is false or artificial in life’ – see 16. above.

Taking your First Light® Constitutional Essence Blend© with your life path essence in it will support you to reset yourself to your soul’s path and to keep you on course now and throughout your life.

To my students and clients, I recommend taking the First Light® Constitutional Essence Blend© on a regular basis and especially when life feels upside down, or when things feel uncertain or out of control.

If you would like to learn more about the soul and gain a deeper understanding on the 22 archetypal soul lessons and how to work with the 22 First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® plant essences to support your soul and help others, then you will enjoy the information that I share in the First Light® Plants – Life Enhancement course


I wish you a wonderful reset to your soul’s objectives and I look forward to supporting you to walk your unique path.

With much love,
Franchelle and the Team at First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®


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