Revolutionary Natural Tools and Training for Holistic Wellbeing

Revolutionary Natural Tools and Training for Holistic Wellbeing

We are noticing that there is a powerful shift in the world with more and more people making conscious choices towards holistic and natural ways of living. It is evident that the opportunity to assist those who are seeking natural ways for self-healing and holistic wellbeing has never been greater.


Revolutionary Holistic System

First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® range was created as a complete holistic system that supports natural wellbeing. This comprehensive range of remarkable flower essences was created based on the ancient teachings, the ancient teachings about the land and the healing properties of the native plants. Each First Light® flower essence holds a specific vibration that helps to bring the whole person into a perfected state of being which also has a flow on effect of helping to balance the Earth we live on.

With First Light® Practitioner’s Kit containing flower essences No’s 1-84, you have a revolutionary natural vibrational toolbox right at your fingertips to help you address the underlying energetic roots cause of the many issues people experience today and to make a real difference in the lives of others.

  • Flowers No’s 1-36 in the Flowers of Transformation Set support you to transform negative attitudes and restore a natural state of joy.
  • Ferns No’s 37-43 in the Life Trauma Set support you to clear negative energetic imprints of trauma and move beyond pain.
  • Trees No’s 44-50 in the Personal Power Set support you to balance, strengthen and protect the chakras enhancing your capacity to meet life.
  • Seeds No’s 51-62 in the New Beginnings Set support you to release core negative beliefs and fears that have blocked or limited you from being who you truly are.
  • Plants No’s 63-84 in the Life Enhancement Set support you to learn soul lessons and emerge more empowered and whole on the journey through life.


Holistic Training Pathway

Standing at the forefront of the natural health movement, First Light® offers not only a complete range of flower essences for total holistic wellbeing but also a comprehensive training pathway to becoming a qualified flower essence practitioner where you can help others on their journey to wholeness.

The First Light® training pathway helps you to become confident in identifying the energetic root cause of issues that you or your clients may have and to easily create a flower essence blend that can address it.

Whether you already have your own holistic practice or you wish to start making a difference in the world working with flower essences, our comprehensive step-by-step training pathway of a Certificate in New Zealand Native Flower Essence Therapy can help you become a qualified flower essence practitioner in 2019. Our highly supportive state-of-the-art First Light® Online School gives you flexible options of studying from anywhere in the world at the pace that works for you.


First Light® Cert.NZNFE Online Course Bundle

Our popular First Light® Cert.NZNFE Online Course Bundle includes 10 online study units where we share with you the unique secrets of working with 84 powerful New Zealand native flower essences for total holistic wellbeing. This groundbreaking knowledge is based on very ancient teachings that have been brought forward into the 21st century to empower modern-day healers and all those who are passionate about helping others to make a real difference in the world.


First Light® Certificate in New Zealand Native Flower Essence Therapy pathway is designed to help you:

  • Easily run flower essence consultations, even if you have never worked with clients before
  • Skillfully identify the underlying energetic root cause of the issues your clients are experiencing
  • Confidently select flower essences and create your own flower essence blends


First Light® Cert.NZNFE Online Course Bundle includes the following study units:

  • NZNFE 101-102 Flowers of Transformation – Transform Negative Attitudes
  • NZNFE 103-104 Ferns: Life Trauma – Clear the Aura – Move Beyond Pain
  • NZNFE 105-106 Trees: Personal Power – Balance and Strengthen the Chakras
  • NZNFE 107-108 Seeds: New Beginnings – Release Primary Fears from DNA
  • NZNFE 109-110 Plants: Life Enhancement – Life Path and Soul Lessons


Working with the Spirit of Aotearoa

It does not matter where you are in the world as you work your way through your studies. The spirit of Aotearoa, the ‘land of the ever shining light’ is responsive and accessible to those who seek to link into its ancient healing power. Physical distance and time do not matter when working with the Atua or gods and goddesses and the sacred nature power of New Zealand.

Start your rewarding journey of holistic healing with us this year.