Nature’s Holistic Healing Matrix for Natural Wellbeing

Nature’s Holistic Healing Matrix for Natural Wellbeing

The full significance of knowing how to access the vast wisdom of Mother Nature has traditionally been understood in all cultures and healing traditions from time immemorial.

Throughout the ages, humanity has looked to nature to facilitate healing by having recourse to Mother Nature, our guide and teacher. The sacred healing methods and resources that come from the plant kingdom were traditionally revealed directly to the healer, wise man or woman by Mother Nature and the plants themselves.


Nature’s Holistic Healing Matrix

A natural five-fold process exists in all healing whether it is Mother Nature healing and regenerating herself or a human being going through a healing process. Nature’s self-regenerating power moves through the five sequential healing phases, which I refer to as Nature’s Holistic Healing Matrix©.

For countless generations, this five-fold holistic healing process had been used by the shamans and medicine women and men in my spiritual lineage.


A five-fold healing process

The natural five-fold healing principle of Nature’s Holistic Healing Matrix© provides us with the means to experience holistic wellbeing and a harmonious relationship with life and ourselves. When all aspects of our holistic makeup are in harmony, balance and are co-operating and fully integrated, we can then experience true holistic healing and sustained wellbeing.

The focus of the five-fold process of Nature’s Holistic Healing Matrix© is to:

1. Transform

2. Clear

3. Balance

4. Repattern

5. Grow


The five holistic healing families of plants

This outworking of nature’s holistic healing power is perfectly reflected in the five families of First Light® flower essences No’s 1-84. These five holistic healing families help to address the five essential aspects of the human holistic organism, which are: the personality, aura, chakras, DNA and soul.

The five families of First Light® flower essences No’s 1-84 perfectly key into the five phases of Nature’s Holistic Healing Matrix©:

1. Transform negative personality traits – First Light® flower essences No’s 1-36

2. Clear energetic impacts of trauma from the aura – First Light® fern essences No’s 37-43

3. Balance the chakras – First Light® tree essences No’s 44-50

4. Repattern limiting beliefs and fears held in the DNA – First Light® seed essences No’s 51-62

5. Grow the soul – First Light® plant essences No’s 63-84

When you work with Nature’s Holistic Healing Matrix© and First Light® flower essences No’s 1-84, you are working with a revolutionary vibrational healing system that is totally natural and highly sophisticated.


Holistic wellbeing and personal development

The First Light® approach to holistic healing and wellbeing has woven through it core truths and universal principles that support spiritual progress and personal development.

By transforming yourself and bringing your holistic organism into greater energetic harmony and alignment through the use of First Light® flower essences No’s 1-84, you are creating an energetic matrix that not only supports natural holistic wellbeing but also enables you to experience rapid personal development and spiritual progress.


Training courses

As leaders in the field of education in 21st century vibrational medicine, First Light® provides you with state-of-the-art training courses to equip you with the tools you need to transform yourself and assist others.

When you embark on a study with First Light® you take a journey into the ancient forests of Aotearoa, New Zealand where you will experience the power, beauty, magic and wonder of the plant spirits of this land.

Whether you are already a practitioner and want to upskill yourself or you are seeking personal transformation, the First Light® Certificate in New Zealand Native Flower Essence Therapy (Cert.NZNFE) equips you with an in-depth groundbreaking knowledge of working with Nature’s Healing Matrix for holistic wellbeing.

Highly rewarding and insightful First Light® courses help you to grow personally, build a career doing what you love, and to be able to assist your family and friends with the right holistic support when they need it.


First Light® Certificate in New Zealand Native Flower Essence Therapy

The First Light® Cert.NZNFE online pathway includes 10 online study units, which cover the five phases of Nature’s Holistic Healing Matrix© with the five aspects of the holistic human organism:

  • NZNFE 101-102 Flowers of Transformation – Transform negative attitudes of the personality
  • NZNFE 103-104 Ferns: Life Trauma – Clear the aura – move beyond emotional pain
  • NZNFE 105-106 Trees: Personal Power – Balance the chakras
  • NZNFE 107-108 Seeds: New Beginnings – Release primary fears and limiting beliefs from DNA
  • NZNFE 109-110 Plants: Life Enhancement – Learn soul lessons, grow the soul


The First Light® Cert.NZNFE online pathway will help you to develop confidence in:

  • How to work with Nature’s Holistic Healing Matrix© as a holistic system
  • How to identify which holistic aspect needs to be addressed first
  • How to choose and create a First Light® flower essence blend
  • How to run a flower essence consultation


“Working with flower essences is based on the premise that the holistic human organism can be likened to a musical instrument. Like all musical instruments, it performs better, when it is kept in perfect tune.”  – Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

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