How to Use First Light® Flower Essences with Other Healing Modalities

How to Use First Light® Flower Essences with Other Healing Modalities

One of the wonderful things about working with First Light® flower essences is their ability to combine harmoniously with other modalities. They carry the essential Aquarian age vibrational resonance of peace and cooperation. What this means is that First Light® flower essence therapy can be utilised by natural health practitioners to take their practice to a whole new vibrational level.

As with all things that emerge from our wondrous universe, there is a vibrational pattern that natural health modalities are influenced by and resonate with. One way of understanding this pattern is by looking into the focus of various natural health practices. 

Physical Focus: The traditional use of herbs and more modern use of vitamins, minerals and supplements have a primarily physical focus. 

Physical and Etheric Focus: Herbal tinctures and homeopathic remedies, while having a physical focus, also interface with the etheric body.

Physical, Etheric and Emotional: Aromatherapy, the use of essential oils and psychic healing facilitate shifts in the physical, etheric and emotional energy fields.

Physical, Etheric, Emotional and Mental: Flower essences can address distorted patterns in the emotional and mental bodies. 

Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental and SpiritualFirst Light® flower essences have a unique energetic potency which gives them the power to address the underlying energetic root cause of the many complex issues that people are experiencing in the 21st century. 

In the 21st century it is essential that we address the wellbeing of the whole person. First Light® flower essences are designed to work with all aspects of the holistic human makeup, including the personality, the chakras, the aura, the DNA, the soul and spirit – bringing together all aspects of the multidimensional holistic self into an equilibrated unity.

Because First Light® flower essences have been designed to work with all aspects of the holistic human makeup, including the human soul and spirit, they are a perfect complementary modality for health practitioners working in any field. 

First Light® flower essences add a whole new dimension of potential to any holistic practice. They are completely compatible with all other natural health products and are not contraindicated for any person or condition. 

There is no limit to who the First Light® essences can benefit or how they can be used. Here are a few ideas to get you going and give you some insights into how you can incorporate this powerful vibrational medicine system into your practice:


  • Herbalists: Add drops of any selected First Light® essence into herbal formulas. This enables you to support your clients by also addressing emotional, spiritual or other issues that may have come up in a consultation.
  • Naturopaths: You can have your own First Light® flower essences dispensary to support your clients to address the underlying energetic core issues which can help improve their wellness outcomes.
  • Massage Therapists: When you give your clients a drink of water at the end of the massage, you can add specific First Light® essences or First Light® combination essences to enhance their holistic experience and help address emotional issues that sometimes arise during a massage.
  • Coaches, talk therapists and counsellors: First Light® flower essence blends are a great complementary holistic therapy tool that will aid the integration of the session. Our practitioners tell us how much their clients love walking away from the session with a bottle of flower essences in their hands.   You can set up your own flower essence dispensary or use ours.
  • Bach Flower practitioners: Did you know you can complement the 36 original Bach Flower essences with First Light® fern, tree, seed and plant essences No’s 37-84, which support your clients to address issues at the aura, chakra, DNA and soul level.


Become a qualified flower essence practitioner 

We invite you to explore the opportunity to become a flower essence practitioner and be at the cutting edge of holistic healing industry with the award-winning First Light® flower essences. In the First Light® online courses you will learn how to create personalised flower essence blends for yourself and clients to address the underlying energetic root cause of the complex issues people experience today.


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