Plant Profile: No 12 Native Harebell – Tenacity

Plant Profile: No 12 Native Harebell – Tenacity

First Light® No 12 Native Harebell Deva’s Blessing

“I bring the gift of emotional tenacity with its powerful eddies and swirls. Through me you experience the powerful pull and complexity of feelings but are reborn in the caressing waters of love.”

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Native Harebell is a small creeping alpine herb whose flowers stand well above the foliage on long very delicate stems that can be 25cm long. Native Harebell can vary in colour from light blue to a beautiful clear Madonna blue.

First Light® No 12 Native Harebell – The Tenacity Essence – assists one to have emotional resolve, resilience and maturity. It offers the potential to feel comfortable saying ‘no’ to loved ones, while still able to go out of one’s way to help others regardless of who they are.

First Light® No 12 Native Harebell supports those who experience difficulty with change yet feel emotionally stuck or trapped, which leads to regret for missed opportunities.

First Light® No 12 Native Harebell supports those who have difficulty voicing or expressing their own emotional needs or difficulty bonding, receiving or expressing affection.

Indicators for use: 

  • Nostalgia, sad memories, homesickness
  • Emotionally numb or washed out
  • Regret for missed opportunities
  • Needs to be needed
  • Feeling like the odd one out in the family
  • Clinging to the past
  • Issues around home, family, parenting
  • Issues around mother, nurturing, childhood
  • Extended family situations, foster care or adopted children
  • Emotional loss of a parent or a child
  • Feeling emotionally abandoned



  • Tenacity, emotional resolve and resilience
  • In contact with own inner feelings
  • Can say ‘no’ to loved ones
  • Confident in mothering abilities
  • Genuine pleasure in helping others
  • Connection with the present
  • Can put others first without losing personal identity
  • At ease with the changing emotional landscapes of life


Latin NameWahlenbergia gracilis

Common Name: Maori Bluebell

How to use: Place 3 drops on the tongue or add to a glass of water. Repeat 3-4 times daily or as required.

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