From Gloominess to Joy and Optimism - No 81 Tanekaha

From Gloominess to Joy and Optimism


I was recently speaking with somebody who is feeling a little tired, pessimistic and gloomy of late.
She said that her life felt like ‘ground hog day’, that she was just going through the motions and longed to feel a little joy in her life…
These past few years have been challenging for everyone and it is no wonder that so many people are feeling a little worn out and a bit down.


Different Moods = Different Vibrational Frequency

Everything in the universe is vibration. Different moods, attitudes or states of being have different vibrational frequencies.

A state of gloominess or joylessness has a lower vibrational frequency than a state of joy, for example.

To change our vibration quickly and effectively we can work with the most powerful vibrational tool that I know of, which is First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®.

These restorative flower essences are award winning vibrational medicines that work on a vibrational level to help you transform lower vibrational states into higher vibrational states. 


Changing Gloominess to Joy and Optimism

To feel more joyful, happy and optimistic I recommend taking No 81 Tanekaha – the Joy essence. 

When I was creating the First Light Flower Essence of New Zealand® No 81 Tanekaha the plant Deva that overlights this plant essence gave me this blessing: 

“I offer you the mantle of your total and absolute uniqueness. Through me you rediscover your true origin and know you are a child of the Sun.”

First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® No 81 Tanekaha is your ally from nature when it comes to creating an authentic joyful state - a sense of joy that radiates from deep within. 


No 81 Tanekaha

Feel More Joyful, Happy and Optimistic

No 81 Tanekaha is one of the 22 plant essences in the First Light Flower Essence of New Zealand® Life Enhancement Set. It helps to restore a wholehearted enjoyment for life, supports you to feel a sense of delight in your daily life and in every day activities.

This is the perfect plant essence to take when you are:

  • Feeling gloomy or pessimistic 
  • Feeling bored or have a jaded outlook on life
  • Experiencing an underlying sense of sorrow 
  • Feeling doubtful about your ability to create success 
  • Feeling like every day is just like any other day 
  • Feeling disappointed 
  • Feeling like the Sun has permanently gone behind the clouds

With No 81 Tanekaha, you are empowered at a soul level to:

  • Tap into your soul power and inner radiance 
  • Feel a deep sense of joy 
  • Have a sense of fulfilment, enjoyment and contentment 
  • See each day as an opportunity to grow and expand  
  • Shine light back into your life
  • Feel vital and have a new lease on life 
  • Live with a sense of limitlessness 
  • Experience a sense of freedom at a soul level 


How to Use

The Joy Essence

Use directly from the 10ml stock bottle or make into 25ml flower essence blends.

Directly from 10ml stock bottle:

  • Place 3 drops of stock essence on the tongue or add to a glass of water.
  • Repeat 3-4 times daily or as required.

Making a 25ml flower essence blend:

  • Add 5ml or a teaspoon of brandy (cider vinegar if preferred) to a 20-25ml glass dropper bottle (for personal use, bottles and droppers can be re-used by boiling for 5 mins) and fill with pure spring water.
  • Add 3 drops of No 81 Tanekaha stock essence. 
  • Place 2-4 drops from the flower essence blend bottle on the tongue 3-4 times a day or as required.
  • Flower essence blends should be used within 4-6 weeks.


10ml stock oral dropper bottle

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If you have any questions about how No 81 Tanekaha, or any of our other essences, can help you and your family, we are here to support you at this time. 
Please send an email to [email protected] and one of our team will get in touch with you straight away to help.
I wish you and your family wellbeing and success at these invitational times. 

With many blessings,
Franchelle and the Team at First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®