First Light® No 82 Golden Tainui – Renewal

First Light® No 82 Golden Tainui – Renewal

First Light® No 82 Golden Tainui Deva’s Blessing

“I offer you the mantle of transformation. Through me you awaken to hear the call of life. Rising up and moving on – alive again, ready to respond to the wondrous sound that echoes your own soul song.”

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Golden Tainui is a beautiful native shrub or small tree that grows in scrubby areas of the upper North Island of New Zealand. Golden Tainui prefers clay soil and it is very useful for growing in exposed areas where the soil quality is poor while larger trees get established.

The common name, Golden Tainui is reference to the impressive bright yellow flowers that appear on this plant in spring. Traditionally, Māori observed that when Golden Tainui started to flower, it signaled it was time to plant their kumara crops hence the plant’s Māori name, kūmarahou.

The fresh leaves of Golden Tainui contain a plant compound called saponin. When the fresh leaves are crushed in the hands with water and rubbed, the saponin creates a soapy lather. It is this particular quality that has earned Golden Tainui the name ‘gum diggers soap’.

First Light® No 82 Golden Tainui plant essence is the Transformation essence and brings the gifts of transformation and rebirth, preparing you for an entirely new quality of life. First Light® No 82 Golden Tainui holistically supports you to learn the soul lesson of hearing the call to follow your destiny, to rise up and meet the challenges.

This is the essence to use for spiritual surrender or at times of deep transformation as you embody the principles of the phoenix that rises up from the ashes. A very good essence to use to support you at a soul level to have the courage to let go and move on to new experiences.

Indicators for use: 

  • When stuck at the crossroads
  • Delaying decisions
  • Stuck in feelings of guilt, anger, doubt or self-judgement
  • Misses opportunities through regret or indecision
  • When the mind is closed to new possibilities
  • Refusal to respond to the soul’s call for action



  • Transformation and renewal
  • Being true to oneself
  • Starting anew
  • Ready to embrace the new self
  • Responding to the soul’s call to action
  • Sees the past as a stepping stone to the future


Latin NamePomaderris kumeraho

Māori NameKumerahou

Soul Lesson: Being receptive to totally new possibilities

How to use: Place 3 drops on the tongue or add to a glass of water. Repeat 3-4 times daily or as required.