First Light® Flower Essence Blend: Transform and Renew

First Light® Flower Essence Blend: Transform and Renew

Do you feel ready for an emotional ‘spring clean’? Are you ready to let go of self-sabotaging emotions and behaviours? Do you want to tap into deep levels of inner strength, courage and willpower to move your life forward in a new direction?

Like the mythical phoenix bird that cyclically regenerates itself, burning itself to ash and then emerging from the fires of transformation in a more beautiful form each time, we have an inherent capacity to transform and renew ourselves over and over again.

If we are willing and brave enough to respond to our inner promptings that tell us we need to change something in our life, we can potentially free ourselves from limiting beliefs that keep us trapped and feeling disempowered.

Through the process of letting go of outworn ideas and perceptions of who we think we are, and making the decision to not let our emotional pain, wounds and shortcomings define us we create the space for a new, more empowered and authentic version of who we are to emerge. One of the best things about this process is that it creates the opportunity for us to experience greater levels of joy, freedom, love and creativity, and who doesn’t want that?

A key part of the transformation process requires that we reconnect with our authentic power. Many people stay stuck in unsatisfactory and painful life situations because they feel powerless to change their circumstances. Through reconnecting with the deep reservoir of power that resides within each of us, we can find the strength, fearlessness and willpower required to steer our lives in a new direction.

Transform and renew yourself with flower essences

You can holistically support yourself to energetically transform self-defeating habits and reactionary emotional patterns with First Light® flower essences. The blend of flower essences recommended below can help you to eliminate negative behaviours, transform emotional pain, and open yourself to deep personal transformation.

First Light® No 22 Manuka– The Purification Essence – supports you to get in touch with your own power, face your shadow, eliminate old energies and experience an intensely positive relationship with life. A very useful essence for helping you tap into creative regenerative forces and eliminate outmoded emotional patterns.

First Light® No 23 Lacebark– The Fearlessness Essence – supports you to tap into inner courage and strength, and feel ready to begin your personal healing journey.

First Light® No 24 Poroporo – The Willpower Essence – supports you to apply willpower and have a sense of personal resolve and responsibility. Helps to dispel momentary feelings of powerlessness and supports you to see life as a magical experience.

First Light® No 75 Whau – The Release Essence – supports you to reinvent yourself, make a radical shift, and move on from an old definition of yourself. A great essence for decluttering and releasing old patterns and negative energy.

First Light® No 77 Clematis – The White Light Protection Essence – supports you to reclaim your power, face your fears and liberate yourself from disempowering types of people or situations. Helps you to feel energetically protected and uplifted.

First Light® No 82 Golden Tainui – The Transformation Essence – supports you to be true to yourself, see new possibilities and start anew. A powerful essence that helps you to come to terms with the past, overcome regrets and end something in order to begin a fresh chapter in life.

You can take these flower essences individually 2-4 drops directly under the tongue or in a glass of water, 3-4 times daily. Or you can use them to create your own flower essence blend.

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