First Light® Flower Essence Blend for 2020 – The Number 4 Year

First Light® Flower Essence Blend for 2020 – The Number 4 Year

2020 is a pivotal year. It marks the beginning of a decade where the world will experience some of its most profound changes to date.

When the digits of the number 2020 are added together they produce the number four. This number indicates what the essential quality and energy of the year 2020 will be. The number four is a divine number and the number associated with both material creation and destiny. It is also the number associated with order.

2020 is the optimal year to work to set your life in order so that you can create the life you want and in so doing step into your destiny. There is a strong Saturnian quality associated with the order and physicality inherent in the number four. Due to this association you will be able to work more directly and comprehensively with the powers of the planet Saturn in 2020 to bring about the changes you want to see happen in your life and world.

Just 13 days into the new year, on January 13, the planet Saturn is conjunct with the planet Pluto. This astrological configuration will supply the energy you need to help you kick start the changes you feel are necessary in your life.

To take full advantage of this dynamic energy that energetically sets the tone for the rest of the year you ideally need to create a master plan to order your life and transform your consciousness. This master plan can be created from nature. The Ancient Greeks referred to the number four as being ‘The Fountain of Nature’. This fountain of nature is a source of providence and fortune. To be the recipient of providence and to drink at the fountain of nature all you have to do is work with the following First Light® flower essences to support you as you navigate the powerful energies at work in 2020.

Flower Essence Blend for 2020

First Light® No 0 Black Orchid: The Silence Essence. Black Orchid supports us to link into the powers of creation and perfect order. It supports the restoration of true natural order both within and without the holistic being.

First Light® No 28 Chatham Island Forget-Me-Not: The Aspiration Essence. Chatham Island Forget-Me-Not flower essence supports us in our ambitions and efforts in the world. It supports us to act in non-egotistical ways with consideration for others.

First Light® No 29 Mairehau: The Achievement Essence. Mairehau flower essence supports us to believe in ourselves and take the next step. It supports the development of healthy ambition and balanced working life.

First Light® No 30 Ngaio: The Responsibility Essence. Ngaio flower essence supports us to deal with the responsibilities of life willingly and manage our time and energy wisely to achieve goals.

First Light® No 37 King Fern: The Security Essence. King Fern fern essence supports us in our journey to safely connect to life and our physical existence. It supports us to feel alive, present and physically safe and secure.

First Light® No 44 Kahikatea: The Structure Essence. Kahikatea tree essence supports balanced expression of the base chakra, which expresses as self-sufficiency, reliability, responsibility, stability and discipline.

First Light® No 51 Broadleaf: The Reverence Essence. Broadleaf seed essence supports us to seed in and restore to conscious awareness new improved patterns for right living. It supports us to consciously create new improved life foundations or structures.

First Light® No 63 Karamu: The Manifestation Essence. Karamu plant essence supports us to stay totally in the moment and to manifest what is needed in the life. It supports us to focus our attention to bring about an objective.

First Light® No 83 Kakabeak: The Completion Essence. Kakabeak plant essence supports inner stability, wholeness, spiritual development and a sense of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance. It supports us to move to a new level of awareness and true understanding.

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