First Light® Blend: Receptivity and Abundance

First Light® Blend: Receptivity and Abundance

Do you want to create greater abundance in your life? Would you like to increase your capacity to receive, and heighten your creative potential to manifest what you want in life?

Cultivating abundance consciousness is more than just about money – it’s a state of being that aligns you with the life-giving, creative and regenerative divine feminine energy of the universe.

Giving and receiving with ease

The ability to give and receive with equal ease plays an important role in cultivating abundance consciousness as it allows energy to move freely back and forth. This movement of energy can be likened to the inbreath and the outbreath. You simply cannot survive if you only breathe in or only breathe out. There needs to be a reciprocal movement and exchange of air to allow breath to enter and breath to leave the lungs.

In order to receive the blessings, opportunities and abundance that exists all around you, you need to be able to recognise them in whatever form they take and be willing and open to receive them. If there are blocks in your capacity to receive or limiting beliefs around money, wealth and abundance filling up your inner space, then there is very little room for abundance and opportunities to get in.

Cultivating spaciousness within yourself through being fully present in the moment taps you into your innate creativity and the limitless creative power of the Mother energy. When this energy is activated and flowing through you, your capacity to create, sustain and maintain wealth and wellbeing in all its forms is enhanced.

Flower essence recommendations

You can increase your capacity for abundance in all its forms and enhance your receptivity to prosperity and wellbeing with the following blend of First Light® flower essences.

This blend has been specially curated from selected First Light® flower essences to support you on all levels of your being. The essences in this blend holistically support the flow of yin, feminine and receptive energies in your life. It assists you to tap into abundance consciousness, heighten your potential to create, sustain and maintain abundance and live move fully in the moment.

No 5 Native Passionfruit – the Abundance Essence – supports you to cultivate abundance consciousness, to give and receive with equal ease, and harness your ability to create opportunities for comfort and financial well-being.

No 6 New Zealand Jasmine – the Perseverance Essence– supports you to be resourceful, practically manage your energy and material resources, discover more of your own capacity and experience true happiness from within.

No 61 Mt Cook Lily – the Peace Essence – gently supports you to release blocks around the expression of  yin, receptive feminine energy in your life. Helps you to link in with the Great Mother energy and holistically supports you to live in the present moment.

No 65 Tree Fuchsia – the Feminine Power Essence – supports you at a soul level to experience a heightened yin flow of energy. Assists you to tap into abundance consciousness and maximise your creativity and the limitless creative power of the Great Mother energy.

No 72 Shining Spleenwort – the Synchronicity Essence – supports you to go with the flow, to recognise and take advantage of opportunities that come your way, and attract increasingly positive circumstances into your life.

No 84 Kawakawa – the Faith Essence – supports you to live life from a place of trust and belief in the benevolence of the Universe, live positively in the moment and be willing to take chances.

You can take these flower essences individually 2-4 drops directly under the tongue or in a glass of water 3-4 times daily. Or you can use them to create your own flower essence blend.

It can take up to two months to establish energetic alignment and changes within the holistic being, we recommend taking the essences for two months.

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