How is Sacred Plant Medicine Made?

How is Sacred Plant Medicine Made?

“All living creatures have their own medicine messages to share with those that are willing to learn their language.”

Native American First Nation medicine woman and author Jamie Sams


Since time immemorial highly skilled healers and ancient wisdom keepers throughout the world have been aware of the powerful and extraordinary intelligence that is imbedded in nature.

They have always looked to our plant relations to facilitate powerful holistic healing and magical outcomes.


Everything is sacred

Shamans and medicine men and women, throughout all cultures, consider everything as sacred.  Everything has its own spirit, energy or medicine - and is honored as such.

They are aware of the ‘sacred medicine’ or sacred healing gifts carried by all things.


Working directly with the spirit of the plant

The highly skilled medicine men or women who created sacred plant medicine have always been venerated because of their capacity to treat and heal the spirit of a person.

They achieved this through working with the spirit of plants.

In the creating of sacred plant medicine, the shaman or medicine man or woman always worked directly with the spirit of the plant for maximum vibrational efficacy and holistic power

They understood that the knowledge of the magical use and holistic power of plants and plant medicines comes directly from the plants themselves – and not through trial and error experimentation.

This way of working with the spirit of the plants is believed to date back to the time of the ancient civilization of Lemuria.


Listening to the plant song

To make sacred plant medicine in the ancient pure way, the medicine man or woman must first attune to and listen to the 'healing song' of the plant in order to recognise its distinctly individual vibrational healing signature and healing gifts.

In the spiritual tradition which I come from, we understand that all plants have an individual 'healing song or healing spirit. It is this healing spirit of a plant or 'plant spirit song' that must be clearly identified and ultimately transferred into the resulting sacred plant medicine.


The magical formula – physical and metaphysical components

In the making of genuine plant medicine, the medicine man or woman works with a very powerful yet exceedingly simple magical vibrational healing formula that has never varied. 

It has two very important components:


The first is the physical component

At a physical level this formula is composed of working with three potent and magically powerful elements:

  1. the vibrational healing power of a plant
  2. the vibrational healing agency of pure water
  3. the vibrational healing capacity of the light from the Sun.


The second is the metaphysical component

When making genuine sacred plant medicine the ancient shamanic, alchemical and magical

process of combining this triad of natural elements is always accompanied by very special verbal formulae in the form of sacred prayers or ancient empowered chants.

These very ancient prayers or chants are enormously powerful and possess a very specific vibrational component that is pivotal to the whole process of making plant medicine. These ancient sacred prayers and chants have usually been revealed by the plant kingdom directly to the shaman who was ordained to create such sacred medicine.


Disciplines and protocols

The shaman, medicine men and women went through a series of very specific rites of passage to ‘earn’ the right to create the ‘medicine’.  Combining of these elements could only take place after Certain secret disciplines, restrictions, protocols or ritual activities were observed.  These had as their basis the principle of true obedience, respect, honour and right relationship.


Offering healing gifts and full co-operation

When genuine sacred plant medicine is made, the spirit of the plant being worked with must willingly offer and give its full vibrational healing gifts and powers to the medicine man or woman for the purposes of making sacred plant medicine.

In order for this to happen it is vital that the relationship between the medicine man or woman and the spirit of the plant is always totally transparent and cooperative in its essential nature.

Based on this relationship of transparency and co-operation, the true medicine man or woman moves into a pure state of 'divine ego, becoming one with the creator or the Divine.

As such they stand unconditionally for the sacred and, as a consequence, become a pure conduit for the invisible or spiritual realms, as well as standing unconditionally for the sacred for the physical or visible realms.

They are in a very real sense a lightning rod that acts as a conduit for spirit and transmits a potent charge from a metaphysical to a physical level.


First Light Flower Essence of New Zealand® and sacred plant medicine

As we move into the Aquarian Age, the age of co-operation, universality and vibration, the knowledge of how to work with nature at its deepest and most potent level moves to an entirely new level and form of expression.

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With many blessings,
Franchelle and the Team at First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®

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