The Making of Sacred Plant Medicine

The Making of Sacred Plant Medicine

Ancient wisdom keepers

Since time immemorial healers and ancient wisdom keepers throughout the world have been aware of the powerful and extraordinary intelligence that is embedded in nature. Throughout all cultures, indigenous people have understood their connection to nature and to the web of oneness or the unity of all life. They have traditionally worked in dynamic cooperation with the forces of nature.

This energetic shift and the subsequent vibrational change of this age means that ancient knowledge has had to move out of its traditional indigenous context and into a more universal expression. This means the information or ancient wisdom tradition which has as its basis the knowledge of how to work with nature at its deepest and most potent level will move to a new level and an entirely new form of expression.

Magical holistic healing formula

When making sacred plant medicine, the medicine man or woman has traditionally worked with a very powerful yet exceedingly simple magical holistic healing formula that has never varied. At a physical level, this formula is composed of working with three potent and magically powerful elements: the healing power of a plant, the healing agency of pure water and the healing capacity of the light from the sun.

The medicine man or woman fully understands that when making sacred plant medicine this ancient shamanic, alchemical and magical process of combining this triad of natural elements must always be accompanied by very special verbal formulae in the form of sacred prayers or ancient empowered chants.

The medicine men or women who create sacred plant medicine have always been venerated because of their capacity to address and heal the spirit of a person. They achieve this through working with the healing spirit of plants.

Modern day sacred plant medicine

Plant medicine is considered to be sacred. As far as I am aware, First Light® flower essences made from New Zealand native plants are the most accessible and comprehensive embodiment of this ancient tradition currently in existence in this new universal context.

First Light® flower essences are made in the ancient way and are the purest form of sacred plant medicine currently available. Flower essences made in this way are the oldest form of indigenous medicine and the highest expression of vibrational or energy medicine. They work at a vibrational level and recognise the powerful link between plants, humankind and holistic wellbeing.

Extract from The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa Volume One by Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

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