Holistic Healing with Flower Essences

Holistic Healing with Flower Essences

Think of a time when you were feeling overwhelmed, stressed or overloaded and you took a walk in a local park or in the bush. How did you feel afterwards? Did you find yourself feeling more balanced, grounded, centred and peaceful?

Across the planet people are becoming increasingly aware that working with nature is essential if we want to restore a natural state of harmony and experience true holistic wellbeing.

In this article, we are going to share with you the remarkable holistic benefits of flower essences and how easy and simple it is to add them into your daily life.

What are flower essences?

Flower essence therapy is a very ancient method of holistic healing. It is an ancient form of indigenous plant medicine that has been in use for over 40,000 years. 

While our world has become increasingly more complex, some things have not changed. Despite living in the 21st century with all its technological and medical advances, the primordial part of our mind still instinctively knows that Mother Nature is the greatest healer.

How flower essences work

Flower essences can also be described as ‘liquid energy in the form of vibrational medicine or energy medicine’. The energy is the holistic healing pattern or blueprint of the flower or plant it is made from. 

Flower essence therapy is based on relationships between certain flowers or plants and specific emotional, mental and spiritual states. A negative expression of an emotional state can be transformed into a positive state by working with the flower essence that correlates to that state. 

For example, if someone is experiencing the negative or disharmonious emotion of impatience and irritability, flower essence First Light® No 2 Native Flax can help transform this negative emotional state into its positive counterpart of patience.

If you are feeling stuck in a ‘poverty consciousness’ and experiencing ongoing feelings of lack, flower essence First Light® No 65 Tree Fuchsia you can help you transform this negative state into the positive counterpart of enjoying the flow of natural abundance, openness and receptivity.

The flower essences for 21st century living

The First Light® flower essence range is a unique holistic healing system that has been created specifically to help address the very complex and problematic issues associated with 21st century living. This system of vibrational medicine is the most advanced form of holistic healing available today. This is due to a number of factors.

One of these factors is that First Light® flower essence are made from New Zealand native plants. The plant kingdom in New Zealand is a vast repository of nature’s amazing holistic healing powers. For millions of years New Zealand existed in isolation. This isolation produced remarkable species of plants with unique holistic healing properties that grow nowhere else on Earth. These plants contain high levels of vibrational power and an underlying energetic blueprint of harmony. This blueprint of harmony is one of the essential components that enable First Light® flower essences to address the deep-seated underlying energetic cause of the many issues people experience today, including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual disharmony.

This means that by taking First Light® flower essences we are able to address deep levels of suffering and bring all aspects of our holistic self into harmony and an equilibrated unity. With First Light® flower essences as a uniquely powerful form of vibrational holistic therapy we can restore harmony at the deepest level of our being.

Holistic benefits of using flower essences

When you are taking First Light® flower essences, you are working with a revolutionary vibrational healing system that is totally natural and highly sophisticated in its ability to assist you to restore a natural state of harmony and wellbeing.

With First Light® flower essences, you can:

  • Transform negativity and unlock your full potential
  • Deal with stress, crisis and fear with more ease
  • Feel confident and empowered in all situations
  • Be better equipped to cope with the ups and downs of life
  • Experience a sense of expansion and progress
  • Enhance and accelerate your personal and spiritual growth
  • Assist yourself and others to address issues at a deep holistic level
  • Maintain emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing
  • Experience holistic healing and natural harmony


Start your holistic healing journey with flower essences

It is very easy to start using First Light® flower essences. You can simply place 3 drops of your chosen First Light® flower essence directly under the tongue 3 times daily. They are completely natural preparations and can be used by people of all ages, even children and babies.

First Light® range of flower essences is the world’s first universal flower essences range. This means they are energetically and holistically potent for people of all cultures and in all corners of the world.

Our popular First Light® Practitioner’s Kit is not just for practitioners, it is great to have at home. This flower essence kit places the holistic power of nature directly into your hands.

With this holistic healing kit, you have the exact holistic healing support you need every day right at your fingertips.

It is simple and easy to find and use the right First Light® flower essence to help you address any situation. You don’t need any training or any experience!

You can simply:

  • Use your intuition and pick up a flower essence bottle that you are drawn to on the day
  • Draw a card from First Light® Flower Essence Cards© deck
  • Use muscle testing/kinesiology
  • Use dowsing/pendulum
  • Use the First Light® brochure or First Light® online repertory to select a keyword that resonates for you


Our clients say they love using the First Light® Flower Essence Cards©. Each card corresponds with a flower essence in the holistic healing kit. It is an easy and fun way to choose flower essences for yourself or another. Even kids like to participate.

When selecting a First Light® flower essence card:

  • Take a moment to ‘tune in’ and ask what flower essence would be most beneficial for the situation you wish to address
  • Draw a card from the deck and see which First Light® flower essence presents itself
  • Simply take 3 drops of this flower essence 3 times a day under the tongue
  • You can choose more than one card


Get started today with the ultimate holistic healing kit

The First Light® Practitioners Kit contains 10ml stock bottles of the First Light® flower essences Nos 1 – 84 and provides you with a fully integrated holistic healing toolkit that is easy to use and fast-acting. This one-stop natural dispensary has everything you need at your fingertips to support yourself, your family and friends in all types of situations.