Flower Essences: Addressing the Link Between Dis-Ease and the Human Spirit

Flower Essences: Addressing the Link Between Dis-Ease and the Human Spirit

Healers, medicine men and women and wisdom-keepers of old saw a direct connection between the state of illness or dis-ease in a person and the condition of the human spirit.

They fully understood the interconnection of the human spirit and the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the being. They understood that all true healing must involve not just the physical aspect of a person, but also the true essence of the person: the human spirit.

Dis-ease means ‘against ease’… or to put it another way if we are ‘against ease’ we are experiencing dis-harmony or acting in a dis-harmonious manner. Dis-ease is just another way of saying that we are experiencing dis-harmony at some level of our being.

Dr Edward Bach, the acclaimed English physician who pioneered modern day flower essence therapy with his 36 Bach flower remedies said:

“There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind and inner happiness”~ Edward Bach

Addressing the underlying energetic root cause

First Light® flower essences work on a metaphysical level to address the underlying energetic root cause of dis-ease and dis-harmony in a person. They help to address the disconnect between the body, soul and spirit that may be the cause of poor health and lack of wellbeing.Becoming a First Light® flower essences practitioner can be a game-changer that makes a real difference in your life and in the lives of people around you.First Light® offers comprehensive online training to all those who are interested in learning about the remarkable properties of New Zealand native plants and how they can support holistic wellbeing.


First Light® Certificate in New Zealand Native Flower Essence Therapy

Our First Light® Cert.NZNFE pathway is designed to help you:

  • Easily run flower essence consultations
  • Skillfully identify the underlying energetic root cause of the issues your clients present you
  • Confidently select flower essences and create your own flower essence blends


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