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Detox Smoothie

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The change of seasons is upon us so now is the perfect time to give your system a bit of a reboot. If you are feeling sluggish, tired and generally under par, we recommend you try this Detox Smoothie to help you feel vital, refreshed and well-tuned.

Smoothies are one of the best ways to pack a whole bunch of nutrient-dense goodies into one simple tasty drink that supports your body to eliminate toxins and up your intake of fresh fruit and veggies. Our Detox Smoothie has unique benefits from the addition of the three First Light® flower essences to support you to release sluggish energy, eliminate old habitual patterns and let go of anything that’s holding you back or keeping you stuck.

No 18 Purple Koromiko – Simplicity – supports you to make wise choices when it comes to diet and food, without being hard on yourself or punishing yourself. Purple Koromiko supports you to keep things simple and tune in to what your body needs in order to be whole. It’s the flower essence to use when you are feeling physically exhausted, worn out or if you have been experiencing health issues that are either acute or chronic in nature.

No 22 Manuka – Purification – is another great First Light® flower essence to add to your Detox Smoothie as it supports you to purify, cleanse and release old emotional patterns and habits, and elimiate old energy. Manuka is a powerful energetically regenerating flower essence that supports you to get rid of toxic emotions and deeply-buried pain or hurt. Manuka supports you to face and overcome self-defeating and self-destructive behaviours to give you renewed vitality and vigour.

No 51 Broadleaf – Reverence – supports you to take care of and have reverence for your physical self. This is a seed essence that supports you to seed in and restore positive healthy patterns around food, physicality and your physical body. It is great to use when you feel physically blocked or out of touch with your body. Adding Broadleaf to your smoothie supports you to repattern how you relate to food, your body, and the physical world in general.

The recipe below is a great starting point and you can add your favourite seasonal fruits, greens, and superfoods to make it just right you:

Detox Smoothie Recipe

1 large ripe green kiwifruit
¼ cup organic pineapple chunks
1 stick organic celery
3-4 leaves cavalo nero/kale/other greens, stems removed
1 generous handful of macadamia nuts
1 scoop of vanilla/unflavoured pea protein powder
¼ - ½ tsp ginger powder
1 tbsp ground linseed
Pinch of sea salt
1 cup pure water
3-4 drops each of First Light® flower essences No 18 Purple Koromiko, No 22 Manuka, No 51 Broadleaf

Put all the ingredients in a high-speed blender and blend until smooth and creamy. Add a little more water if it’s too thick. Enjoy!