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Free-To-Be-Yourself BBQ Sauce

Make Every Day Sacred With Sacred Plant Medicine

Summer evenings are perfect for socialising and sharing good food with friends. For your next barbecue, try our great BBQ sauce recipe with flower essences to support heart-centred relatedness and the freedom to be yourself in a group.

For winter months, just glaze the meat with the sauce to prepare it for the oven.

BBQ Sauce Recipe
Mix together:
1 Tbsp soy sauce · 1 Tbsp oil · 1 Tbsp sherry · 1 tsp honey · 1 tsp vinegar · 1 tsp grated fresh ginger · 1 egg white

Add 3 drops of one or more flower essences from the recommended list below (or choose your own).

Brush marinade over prepared meat at least 15 minutes before cooking.

Flower Essence Recommendations:

If you have a BBQ sauce you love, you can simply add flower essences to it.