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Flower Essences Tips

Live with Passion Chocolate and Ginger Slice

Delight yourself, your loved ones and your guests with delicious easy-to-make Live with Passion Chocolate and Ginger Slice.  Read more

Flower Essences Tips

Self-confidence Lunchbox Pizza Bread

Fill your home with the aroma of freshly baked bread and make a lunch box treat that boosts self-confidence and courage.  Read more >

Flower Essences Tips

How to Choose Your Flower Essence Blend

Up to 8 First Light® flower essences can be added to one blend. To select use one of the following options. Read more >

Flower Essences Tips

Love Filled Cookies

Bake extra love into your cookies with a selection of flower essences to deepen genuine heartfelt relatedness.  Read more >

Flower Essences Tips

Free-To-Be Yourself BBQ Sauce

Try our great BBQ sauce recipe with flower essences to support heart-centered relatedness and the freedom to be yourself.  Read more >

Flower Essences Tips

Refreshing Ice Blocks

Make ice blocks for yourself, your children and your guests with frozen smoothie and a blend of flower essences.  Read more >