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No 50 Rimu


No 50 Rimu Connection

Negative Condition: Overly intellectual; addicted to spiritual beliefs and practices; extreme nervous anxiety; rigid, limited beliefs.

Positive Outcome: Crown chakra. Spiritual wisdom; spiritual clarity and focus; open minded.

10ml Stock oral dropper bottle

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Chakra: Crown chakra

Associated Planet: Mercury

Notes: Rimu - Balances, strengthens, protects, energises and clears the crown chakra - the centre that connects one to Spirit. Makes the necessary changes and adjustments at a crown chakra level to facilitate the increased vibrational resonance of the Aquarian Age. Use to address a lack of or a diminished sense of self-autonomy. Helps those prone to uncertainty or ambivalence about spiritual connectedness. Brings clarity and focus in everyday life, as well as spiritual connection, protection, stillness and tranquility. Works to strengthen the soul’s connection to the higher self. Use to help draw energy in through the crown chakra and down to the soles of the feet. Helps one trust one’s spiritual connection, especially in challenging and confusing times.

How to use

Directions: Place 3 drops on the tongue or add to a glass of water. Repeat 3-4 times daily or as required.