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The Seed Collection

The Seed Collection

Native Seed Essences No's 51-62

Presented in a beautiful box set, this is the full Seeds collection. Seed essences have the power to release us from powerful negative core beliefs and the primary fears that sustain those beliefs, beliefs that have blocked or limited us from being who we truly are.


Receive a complimentary beautiful and eye-catching pair of First Light A2 posters with any order that includes this collection. The perfect complement to a clinic or retail space.(Normal retail price $25.00)

10ml Stock oral dropper bottle

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Seeds are capsules of pure life force and evolutionary potential, containing master patterns of life or DNA - and those patterns of life are at the core of all physical existence including the cells of the human body. It is the master pattern, the blueprint upon which life emerges.

These blueprints are the expression of our perfected nature. They are 'primordial light codes of power'. These primordial light codes of power are the twelve primary patterns that equate to the twelve behavioural patterns that are our true relationship with all life.

These behavioural patterns awaken us to the true nature of living - which is to have positive dynamic relationship with all aspects of life. The twelve seed essences help to restore the original divine blueprints or patterns of right living at a DNA level.

The seed essences have the power to release us from powerful core negative beliefs and the primary fears that animate and sustain those beliefs, beliefs that have blocked or limited us from being who we feel we truly are. Use the twelve seed essences when you wish to be released from any primary fear, to break out of old negative and limiting patterns and move on to a harmonious, integrated and successful future.

Science has now discovered that DNA not only receives and transmits light but is totally responsive to it. Like DNA, seeds are also highly responsive to light. The twelve seeds in the New Beginnings collection are naturally set to resonate to the original light frequencies held in DNA. They help to restore energetic integrity at a core level of our being.

For in-depth information on each Seed Essence and on the collection as a whole, please refer to The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa: Volume One.