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No 78 Akeake


No 78 Akeake Change

Negative Condition: Hides behind a facade; inner paralysis; state of shock or disbelief; unable to be comforted.

Positive Outcome: Initiates and responds positively to change; re-orientation after shock or crisis; faces the truth.

10ml Stock oral dropper bottle

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Tarot key: The Tower

Soul Lesson: The ability to dismantle what is false or artificial in life

Notes: Akeake - The great awakener; brings clarity to present circumstances. Helps facilitate movement into the new and bring focus into the present. Use when restrictive circumstances are draining energy. An ideal space clearer and aura cleanser after shocking or distressing news. Use for the after-effects of physical, emotional, mental or psychically frightening experiences: strengthens the soul to deal with the psychic shock associated with physical or emotional trauma. Can snap someone out of denial, or begin a process of clearing old shock impactation: useful for chronic or acute shock. Helpful for those who have withdrawn as a result of a recent traumatic event. Helps in recovery from deep-seated shock or trauma that has caused a disconnection of the higher self from the body. Use for any unexpected event or circumstances, such as a sudden upsetting phone call, ‘out of the blue’ news or distressing event. Helps one in an emergency, crisis, accident, shock, change, sudden upset, calamities or setback in one’s life, job or relationship. Useful for those who have not fully recovered from an initial loss, grief, shock or distressing experience. Works to dislodge dark energy or blockages that have impacted in the subtle bodies as a result of experiencing pain or hurt. Helps one to be comfortable with change, so then one is in an ideal position to dismantle or destroy that which is false or artificial in life and which no longer serves.

How to use

Directions: Place 3 drops on the tongue or add to a glass of water. Repeat 3-4 times daily or as required.