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No 71 Coastal Convolvulus


No 71 Coastal Convolvulus Reflection

Negative Condition: Overly introspective, aloof, melancholy, refuses to take advice or learn from experience.

Positive Outcome: Capacity to go within; contemplation; restoration of spirit; self-reliance.

10ml Stock oral dropper bottle

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Tarot key: The Hermit

Soul Lesson: The capacity for self-examination and self-reflection

Notes: Coastal Convolvulus - Enhances deepening of spiritual consciousness. Use after a period of great activity or stress when rest and recovery are needed while one seeks a new direction. Helpful for those experiencing a period of convalescence. Use to maximise a period of re-evaluation or self-examination. Use when withdrawing one’s energies from the outside world, or desiring to pursue a personal vision quest; deepens meditation. Useful for times of study, retreat or celibacy. Helps one see matters from a higher perspective or to shine light on a puzzling situation. Understanding the inner nature of things and seeing one’s part in the plan; shining one’s light like a beacon in the world.

How to use

Directions: Place 3 drops on the tongue or add to a glass of water. Repeat 3-4 times daily or as required.