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The Plant Collection - Box Two

The Plant Collection - Box Two

Presented in a beautiful box set, this includes essences No 74 Golden Corokia through to and including No 84 Kawakawa.


10ml Stock oral dropper bottle

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The twenty-two First Light plant essences are made from a spectrum of different types of plants including trees, shrubs, vines, perennials, herbs and ferns. They are life enhancers designed to help enhance life experiences and to assist the soul to move through the twenty-two universal archetypal life challenges and situations encountered on the journey of life.

These twenty-two plants are magical helper plants that have been given the responsibility of assisting, protecting and helping the individual soul on its journey and quest. These essences help us to successfully participate in our life, experiencing it as a magical journey with a series of challenges, tests, trials and initiations through which we can progress and emerge empowered and whole.

For in-depth information on each Plant Essence and on the collection as a whole, please refer to The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa: Volume One.