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Natural Disaster Support ©

Support after Natural Disaster

Natural Disaster Support © Support after Natural Disaster

A powerful blend of 12 New Zealand native flower essences, these natural emotional remedies have been specially formulated to assist people and communities to move beyond the traumas experienced from the aftermath of natural disasters including earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunami, floods etc.

10ml Stock oral dropper bottle

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Simply place 3 drops from the 10ml stock bottle under the tongue or by placing 2-4 drops of the essence in a small tumbler of water and sipping frequently.  Repeat 3-4 times daily or as required.

Contains: King Fern, Rasp Fern, Shaking Brake Fern, Akeake, Fragrant Fern, Heketara, Matata, Cape Reinga Rata, Waireka Nui, Red Mistletoe, Silver Beech, Black Orchid


"Thank you so very much for supplying 'Natural Disaster Support' which I bought yesterday at Simillimum Homeopathic Pharmacy. I've been so worried about my three and a half year old daughter since the quakes. I've known she has been affected by the changes in the Earth's electro-magnetic fields (she can be very disturbed leading up to a quake and then gets some relief from tension straight after). She really hasn't been herself these last weeks - disturbed sleep, teeth grinding at night, emotionally clingy, teary with the slightest knock, etc and I've had her at our complementary doctor twice as a result. He reports having several children and many adults in for quake stress last week alone. However yesterday morning I found your 'Natural Disaster Support'. We can't believe the positive changes in her already - it brought on a (very unusual) 2.5 hour daytime sleep for her yesterday from which she has woken up a new kid. Sleep, appetite, mood and 'groundedness' all significantly restored by today. Just a fantastic outcome :0) It is so kind of you to supply this at an extremely affordable price (best five bucks I've ever spent?!) and it's been fascinating to learn about your company online over the weekend. Wow! With much gratitude for your kindness and great support during this challenging period in Wellington. - Charlotte H."