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"I invite you to embark on a life-transforming journey with First Light® tree essences made with native trees from the ancient New Zealand forests. Access the vast pool of ancient wisdom teachings on holistic healing and vibrational medicine with First Light® tree essences. Study from anywhere at your own pace."

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Restore Equilibrium and Personal Power

In the First Light® Trees – Personal Power course you will discover how to use the seven First Light® tree essences No’s 44-50 to support yourself and others to correct imbalances and return to a natural state of equilibrium.

Our sense of personal equilibrium, balance and power is fundamentally dependent on the state of our chakras.

Chakras are energy doorways through which the life-force, or ‘chi’, flows into our physical being. Chakras are the doorways through which the human soul expresses itself in the world. They are our direct link to higher consciousness. Chakras influence our thoughts, feelings and actions. They establish the quality of our life and our experience of life.

When our chakras are balanced and strong we experience a natural sense of balance, harmony and uprightness. We are able to ‘stand tall' in the world and have an increased capacity to deal with a rapidly growing number of challenges and influences.

Correct Chakra Imbalances

Chakras can malfunction and become imbalanced. Chakra imbalance can express in either over-compensating or under-compensating ways.

In the 21st century a variety of factors such as the rapid pace of change, sedentary lifestyles, environmental degradation, poor dietary habits, over-reliance on processed foods and the proliferation of potentially harmful chemicals, radiation and toxicity all impact upon the state of our chakras. As a result, this can create lack of equilibrium in life and a sense of disempowerment that can express as anxiety.

The seven First Light® tree essences work to help balance, strengthen and protect the seven individual chakras. They also help to restore the energetic integrity of our chakras, which enables us to experience a natural state of inner balance and personal power.

The seven First Light® tree essences are award winning vibrational medicines made from the evergreen trees that grow in the ancient pristine forests of New Zealand. These evergreen trees bring the sacred wisdom of perpetual harmony or everlasting balance. Some of these trees have an unbroken lineage reaching far back over 140 million years. Due to their age and history New Zealand native trees carry nature’s perfect blueprint of equilibrium and holistic wellbeing.

First Light® tree essences can be used by all people anywhere in the world to help support and restore holistic wellbeing.

First Light® Nature’s Holistic Healing Matrix©


First Light® Flowers of Transformation Set
Flower Essences
Nos: 1-36

Focus on
The Personality
Help to
Transform Negative Attitudes

Which then facilitates

Which enables us to



First Light® Life Trauma Set
Fern Essences
Nos: 37-43

Focus on
The Aura
Help to
Clear Away Impacts of Trauma

Which then facilitates

Which enables us to


First Light® Personal Power Set
Tree Essences
Nos: 44-50

Focus on
The Chakras
Help to
Correct Energetic Imbalances

Which then facilitates

Which enables us to



First Light® New Beginnings Set
Seed Essences
Nos: 51-62

Focus on
Help to
Release Us From Fears

Which then facilitates
Harmonious Relationship

Which enables us to


First Light® Life Enhancement Set
Plant Essences
Nos: 63-84

Focus on
Soul Growth
Help to
Learn From Life Lessons

Which then facilitates
Personal Growth

Which enables us to

The First Light® approach to holistic healing and working with First Light® essences exactly replicates the way that holistic wellbeing and health is naturally sustained in nature.

First Light® Nature's Holistic Healing Matrix© is Mother Nature's remarkable gift.
A fully integrated universal award winning natural system of vibrational medicine for restoring and maintaining inner harmony and personal wellbeing. By working with Nature’s Holistic Healing Matrix© we can totally re-align consciousness and maintain wellbeing and harmony through working with ‘Doctor Nature’ and the native plant intelligence of New Zealand.

In the First Light® Trees – Personal Power course you will be introduced to the five phases of the First Light® Nature’s Holistic Healing Matrix© and you will learn in depth about the chakras and how to balance the chakras using First Light® tree essences No’s 44-50.

First Light® courses and study units can be undertaken in any order.


What You Will Be Learning

First Light® Trees – Personal Power course is comprised of two study units NZNFE 105 and NZNFE 106 that can be undertaken separately or together in any order at your own pace. The popular choice for our students is to purchase the complete First Light® Trees – Personal Power course with two study units and also the First Light® tree essences No’s 44-50; that way they can instantly begin to help themselves and others.

In this course, you will learn about the remarkable holistic healing qualities of First Light® tree essences No’s 44-50 and how to use them as a powerful system of vibrational medicine to facilitate deeper levels of holistic healing, equilibrium and power in yourself and to assist others.

First Light® Trees - Personal Power Unit One: NZNFE 105

  • Learn about the holistic healing benefits of the seven First Light® tree essences
  • Learn about the chakras, their role and purpose
  • Learn about the anatomy of the chakras
  • Discover how to maintain the energetic integrity of the seven chakras
  • Identify the constitutional tree essence for yourself or another
  • Exercises to help you identify and be able to address chakra imbalances
  • And much, much more

First Light® Trees - Personal Power Unit Two: NZNFE 106

  • Discover the sacred earth wisdoms about the trees and chakras
  • Discover the holistic healing depth and complexity of First Light® tree essences
  • Learn about personal and collective chakra impactation
  • Find out all about chakra maintenance and chakra detoxification
  • Access the keys to maintaining holistic wellbeing in the 21st century
  • Learn how to accurately select tree essences for yourself or others
  • Exercises to help you confidently carry out client consultations
  • And much, much more

Who Is This Course For?

The First Light® Trees – Personal Power online course is right for you if:

  • You want to overcome feelings of disempowerment and anxiety
  • You are ready to stand strong, balanced, protected and empowered in an increasingly challenging world
  • You want to be able to address the underlying energetic root cause of issues
  • You want to assist your friends and loved ones to become self-empowered
  • You want to start or enhance your own holistic healing practice
  • You want to become a vibrational medicine practitioner and be at the cutting edge of holistic healing industry
  • You want to work with nature to help restore holistic wellbeing
  • You want to work with an award winning system of vibrational medicine
  • You want to receive the benefits that come from learning from with an expert in the field of vibrational medicine

This course empowers you to:

  • Be able to identify and correct chakra imbalances
  • Know how to restore the energetic integrity of the seven chakras
  • Assist others at a deeper energetic level
  • Enhance your holistic healing expertise and ability to help others
  • Restore and maintain personal equilibrium and power

Learn From the Expert

Award Winning Flower Essence Authority and Vibrational Medicine Expert Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

You will be learning from award-winning vibrational medicine and flower essence expert, healer and spiritual teacher Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber. Franchelle has been awarded the New Zealand Health and Industry Distinguished Service Research and Development Award for 'pioneering, developing and establishing of New Zealand native flower essences for holistic healing'. This award was in recognition for over 30 years of working with the New Zealand native essences, their uniqueness and relevance to the holistic health challenges faced by humanity in the 21st century.

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber is the founding director and co-creator of First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®. Franchelle's teachings have been helping people and transforming lives around the world for over 45 years.

Through the First Light® online courses Franchelle opens the doorway for you to access the vast pool of ancient wisdom teachings on sacred plant medicine in the form of First Light® flower essences, holistic wellbeing and vibrational medicine.

In 2017 First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® received the NZ Business Award 2017 for excellence in Holistic Health Products by APAC Insider Awards who recognise truly outstanding and innovative businesses around the world.



What Our Students Say

“Prior to undertaking First Light® courses I was seeing clients as a secondary income as a healer and had my own healing practice. After completing the First Light® courses I began incorporating First Light® flower essences into my practice by giving clients First Light® flower essence blends at the end of the session to support them. I realized that it was the bottle of First Light® flower essences that the client took away with them that was actually where the majority of the holistic healing occurred.

Shortly after that awakening my sessions consisted using solely First Light® flower essences and it is the only modality I now practice. I have seen incredible changes within myself, family and clients as a result of working with these essences. They are such an important part of my life that I applied for and was accepted to become a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® tutor in 2017.

I now teach First Light® workshops in Hamilton and Auckland which I see as an honour in being able to facilitate an Aquarian Age holistic healing modality that is totally suited to the needs of the 21st century. It is so rewarding to see students that have attended my workshops to go on and become certified practitioners of First Light® essences and create their own holistic healing practice.”

Steven Lydford, Dip.NZNFE
Primary School Teacher, First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Registered Practitioner and Tutor

The online school is excellent

“I enjoyed learning that the chakras are the eyes of the soul and that at a metaphysical level we are standing rainbows with the potential to be the living embodiment of truth. The First Light® Trees - Personal Power course gave me a greater appreciation of the vital role the chakras play in health and holistic healing, and the need for chakra maintenance to assist in the spiritual journey.

I also enjoyed learning about the influences that predispose us to chakra impactation, especially the correlation between the types of brain waves generated at different ages and the development of the chakras. Also the role of the chakras as a conduit for recieving and transmitting information from the subconcious mind to the concious mind. Understanding how particular situations and experiences can result in personal and collective chakra impactation, and consequently the vital importance of chakra clearing and ongoing maintenance.

The First Light® online school is excellent. I especially enjoy reading others postings and answers in the common room, such informative and useful insights!”

Suzanne Showers-Gay
Retired, Victoria, Australia

The role the chakras play

“I enjoyed learning about the chakras and the components of a tree. I also liked the exercise of finding which of my chakras were out of balance. In the First Light® Trees - Personal Power course I learned more about the chakras and the roles they play in the being.”

William Baggaley
Wildlife Servant, Pauanui, New Zealand

I loved the information

“I've always admired the immortality of the trees and had a great respect for them. In the First Light® Trees - Personal Power course I found very interesting the information about the influence of light frequency in the wood and in the form of the trees. Also the influence of the chakras at a cellular level (in the cytoplasm). I learnt that I need to be more aware of the general under-compensation in some of my chakras and how to correct this to improve my life.”

Montserrat Escoda
Economist, Coach and expert in Flower Essences, Barcelona, Spain

Beautiful and natural

“It is wonderful what the First Light® Trees - Personal Power course opens me to that I know is inside. What I like the most about this course is how beautiful and natural to true life it is presented. I am experiencing dramatic changes within myself in a very short time.”

Michelle Barrington

Riveted from the start

“I have done many of the First Light® courses over the years and each time I learn something different and exciting or illuminating. The First Light® Trees - Personal Power course was no exception - I was riveted from the start. It is so confirming of the journey I am on.”

Marj Marks
Self employed, Puhoi, New Zealand

The course was mind blowing

“The First Light® Trees - Personal Power course was mind blowing. I felt as if the information was presented at a level that my soul is greedy for. I felt transported into a different reality that was beautiful, exciting and felt like home. Thank you very much.”

Heidi Monks
Auckland, New Zealand

I enjoyed the videos

“I have gained a greater depth of understanding of the role the chakras play in our holistic wellbeing. I have enjoyed the videos in the First Light® Trees - Personal Power course and extra information that Franchelle imparts that really flesh out the chakras - so to speak - and add depth to the understanding I have gained.”

Maria Gerathy

Packed full of gems

“I liked that the First Light® Trees - Personal Power course had lots of amazing information and practical exercises that were reflective and personal. The First Light® courses are packed full of gems which inspire and enlighten. Every course is like I'm here for the first time.”

Vicky Kyan
Great Barrier, New Zealand

Answered so many questions

"First Light® Trees - Personal Power course answered questions I had been unclear about prior to taking the course. Thank you for sharing all that you do throughout the course. The information you share gives me the ability to take this with me and continue integrating for weeks/months later."

Elizabeth Marino
Auckland, New Zealand

Totally blown away

“I am totally blown away by the information contained in the First Light® Trees - Peronal Power course! I love the legends coming to life. I feel so very very blessed to be able to undertake this course."

Yvonna Taylor
EC Teacher, Fairlie, New Zealand

I just love everything about this course

“I really just love everything about the First Light® Trees - Personal Power course. The realisations of connections to other facets of life are coming thick and fast. I am gaining greater understanding of how our multidimensional bodies work.”

Vivia Ward
Massage Therapist and Energy Healer, Christchurch, New Zealand

A feeling of magic

“A new and yet somehow familiar world has opened up for me since beginning to study the First Light® flower essences. A feeling of magic has come upon me.”

Sarah Stirling

Push to a stronger and more resilient me

“I am very happy with the First Light® Trees - Personal Power course and am very much enjoying the insights and knowledge being presented. I liked learning how the chakras are so closely connected to our physical and emotional wellbeing. How many of those chakras are actually out of balance not just for me but others that cross my path daily whether old, middle aged or very young. I liked being able to compare my frailties and short comings by having an honest appraisal of where I am at. By doing so I can see where I can work on and with each First Light® flower essence or group of essences how I can strengthen my demeanour and push to a stronger and more resilient me. Thank you.”

Shane Jessop
Teacher Aide

I liked all the details in the course

“Falling in love with the First Light® flower essences. And then learning more about them. Following my calling. :) I enjoyed really thinking about the different types of situations and issues that affect the chakras. I do know the chakras and what is affected and why but I liked all the details in the First Light® Trees - Personal Power course. I loved learning the Maori wisdom about the trees. In fact I sobbed through reading and hearing this. I just feel I understand way more about why I feel the way I do about trees. I've always loved trees, since I was little, now I feel I can call on the trees for support in ways I haven't done before. I love how they bring down the light from the heavens to the Earth.”

Kate Strong
Intuitive healer, Christchurch, New Zealand

I loved learning about the chakras

“I was so interested in learning about the trees and chakras because I really like nature and natural things. I loved learning about all the chakras in the First Light® Trees - Personal Power course and making up the flower essence blends.”

Tamara Jarvis
Auckland, New Zealand

It enhanced my capacity to assist others

“In the First Light® Trees - Personal Power course I enjoyed the expanded information about the chakras, including the developmental period of each chakra, the planetary influences on the chakras, and the detailed information on the polarity expression of each chakra. The general expanded understanding of the physical and metaphysical nature of the human is enhancing my capacity to assist others. I also liked learning about the correspondences between the chakras and the components of a tree. It allows me to view the nature of trees and the chakras more magically. ”

Cat Neale
Self Employed Healer, Naturopath and Herbalist, New Plymouth, New Zealand

Connecting with others

“In the First Light® Trees - Personal Power course I enjoyed gaining a better understanding on how young children develop and the support the First Light® tree essences can give to them. Understanding the science behind the development of the brain and chakra development in young children. I also liked connecting with others on the same path.”

Linda Ojala
Whangarei, New Zealand

Jigsaw pieces fell into place

“I enjoy being able to study at my own pace. As I progress with the First Light® modules more of the jigsaw pieces fall into place. I am beginning to make the connection between First Light® flower essences, fern essences and now tree essences. I look forward to ongoing learning.”

Donna Gordon
Wellington, New Zealand

Exciting and stimulating

“The Self development and self awareness I have gained from participating in the First Light® Trees - Personal Power course I can only begin to describe... the gratitude I have for the First Light® essences and their amazing power is so powerful! Blessed! I really enjoyed learning about the Chakra Detox, I am looking forward to starting this on the Autumn Equinox! I love experiencing the world of GREEN! Absolutely everything I learn in relation to First Light® flower essences excites and stimulates my mind and body! I am looking forward to completing the First Light® Seeds - New Beginnings next - the final journey in my First Light® Certificate in New Zealand Native Flower Essence Therapy!”

Omaha Beach, New Zealand

Balancing the chakras

“I enjoyed learning about what a balanced chakra is and when they are over compensating and under compensating. The First Light® Trees - Personal Power course was a reminder to check in regularly to check our chakras are in balance. I also enjoyed going over the consultation process and learning different ways to ask questions.”

Annette Aughton
Clothing Designer, Auckland, New Zealand

Powerful information

“I enjoyed learning about the chakras - revisiting all the information and recognising the importance of daily maintenance. I also enjoyed learning about the history of the trees - powerful information, and about the correspondence between trees and chakras - seeing trees in a more enlightened way. I liked learning learning the difference methods of maintenance. Awesome information in the First Light® Trees - Personal Power course, and a reminder to maintain chakra balance diligently.”

Chris Griffiths
Registered Nurse, Auckland, New Zealand

Timely and incredibly valuable

“I enjoyed seeing more clearly how the chakras fit in the centre of the 5 First Light® flower essence families and the immense importance of chakras linking together the 3 aspects of consciousness. Repeating the First Light® Trees - Personal Power course has been timely and incredibly valuable. I have enjoyed relearning how integral the chakras are to our physical wellbeing.”

Elizabeth Greenwood
Company Director, Dunedin, New Zealand

I enjoyed all of it

“I liked learning about chakras and the balancing, the anatomy of the tree and how they link into the chakras. I enjoyed all of it in the First Light® Trees - Personal Power course and how I can help others. I got a better understanding of myself. I now have more knowledge, feeling more empowered and to have the interwoveness of my life and learning reinforced and consolidated.”

Billi-jean Smythe
Cambridge, New Zealand

Absolutely amazing

“Wow, I am repeating the First Light® Trees - Personal Power course and had previously been so impressed with the incredible knowledge, truth and detail of the training program. But this revisited edition is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

I was riveted throughout my reading of the workbooks. This is truly the most advanced knowledge available regarding the chakras and the Earth, and the important function trees have in the functioning of the Earth and the relationship trees have to the plants and humanity.

The ancient knowledge of how the ancient planets relate to the trees and chakras was mind expanding. I loved the videos that are now available. They helped me greatly to move into the sacred teaching space.”

Kim Ahrens
Texas, USA


“I loved learning about the relationship and energy between chakras and our trees. How this has an impact on who we are, but more importantly learn to help ourselves and others make a difference to improve ourselves. I enjoyed the learning of each components of a tree, understanding the holistic healing agents of our plants and our chakras. The experience with the First Light® Trees - Personal Power course has opened up my energies and doors to another level of wanting to be in tune with my spirituality with Mother Nature and all its surroundings. First Light® has uplifted me and my inner soul to heal myself and help others.”

Cherie Newport-MacKenzie
Landscaper, Gardener, Auckland, New Zealand

Has given me confidence

“I like learning about the fact that the chakras and our body all work in harmony with the vibrations of the First Light® flower essences. The First Light® Trees - Personal Power course has given me confidence working with vibrations and understanding we are intertwined with nature and we all work so well together. It makes me want to learn more and more.”

Mervyl Lang
Healer, Auckland, New Zealand

Fantastic and enlightening

“Every aspect of the learning in the First Light® Trees - Personal Power course provided 'magic'. I enjoyed every aspect of the learning, fantastic and enlightening! The greatest benefit for me has been the personal and professional growth and development, growth and integration.”

Naturopath, Auckland, New Zealand

I loved it all

“I loved it all in the First Light® Trees - Personal Power course. I especially liked the illustration of energy moving through chakras and affecting every cell in the body. Also the sequential movement of prana and the power and influence of chakras on our holistic wellbeing.”

Tracey Devcich
Healer, Te Awamutu, New Zealand

Linking with my field of expertise

“I enjoyed the First Light® Trees - Personal Power course and learning about the anatomy of the chakras and how they are anchors that capture cosmic light and transfer it to the physical body (endocrine system, blood). I also enjoyed learning about chakra system and relation to developing brain waves because of the relation/ link up of my field (osteopathy) and especially osteopathy in the cranial field. I liked being able to link the metaphysical to the physical systems (e.g reading blood tests) though chakras. Also being able to relate and understand the link that the chakra creates between physical and metaphysical.”

Loïc Van Hille
Osteopath, Whangarei, New Zealand

About First Light® Tree Essences No's 44-50

Personal Power Set

First Light® tree essences No’s 44-50 help to balance, strengthen and protect the seven chakras so that a natural sense of equilibrium and personal power can be restored.

Chakra maintenance and repair is a prerequisite for holistic wellbeing in the 21st century. First Light® tree essences No’s 44-50 is a holistic chakra maintenance kit.

We recommend purchasing the First Light® Trees - Personal Power online course together with the First Light® tree essences No's 44-50 so you can start helping yourself and others straight away.


What Are Flower Essences?

First Light® flower essences are pure plant vibrations held in water. Based on the ancient holistic healing principle that vibration moves faster through water, the holistic healing vibration of a plant is transferred to a person who takes the First Light® flower essence via a natural process of resonance transfer. Resonance transfer is a dynamic natural and non-intrusive process of working with the powers of nature.

Much like a tuning fork that is used to tune a piano, First Light® flower essences tune a person’s vibration to a state of genuine natural holistic wellbeing.

“Working with First Light® flower essences is based on the premise that the holistic human organism can be likened to a musical instrument. Like all musical instruments, it performs better, when it is kept in perfect tune.”
Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Why Are First Light® Essences Different?

Flower essences from the pristine ancient forests of New Zealand

First Light® flower essences are made from New Zealand native plants that come from the pristine ancient forests of New Zealand. New Zealand has evolved in isolation for millions of years preserving some of the most ancient and unique forests in the world.

There is an inherent untouched spiritual heart-based energetic resonance woven throughout the ancient forests of New Zealand. Because of their age and purity, New Zealand plants carry the pristine vibrational blueprint for natural holistic wellbeing. This vibrational blueprint is encoded in the First Light® flower essences and transferred to the person who takes them.

“Only the mighty plants of pristine ancient New Zealand forests have the necessary power, required to bring the much-needed strength and healing to humanity.”
Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

Highest frequency vibrational medicine system

The First Light® range of essences have been created after 1999 and have encoded within them a holistic healing chord. This gives the First Light® range of flower essences a unique energetic potency which is necessary to address the very complex and problematic issues associated with 21st century living.

First Light® flower essence therapy is the highest frequency vibrational medicine system available. It is distinctive as it can address the underlying energetic root cause of the many issues people experience today, including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

In the 21st century it is essential that we address the wellbeing of the whole person. First Light® flower essences are designed to work with all aspects of the holistic human makeup, including the personality, the chakras, the aura, the DNA, the soul and spirit - bringing together all aspects of the multidimensional holistic self into an equilibrated unity.

The unique award winning First Light® system enables a person to work intelligently with all the aspects of a person at the same time.

First Light® Online School - Enjoy Full Access Today

Join thousands of pioneering students

Thousands of First Light® students from around the world have enjoyed learning about and applying the holistic healing principles revealed in the First Light® courses. We welcome you into our global community and look forward to supporting you on a rewarding journey of holistic healing, wellbeing and personal and professional growth.

Access ancient wisdom teachings and support from anywhere in the world

When you enrol into a First Light® course, you receive instant access to our First Light® Online School with a wealth of online information, resources, support and the opportunity to connect with the First Light® community from anywhere in the world.


Included in Your First Light® Trees - Personal Power Online Course

  • SACRED PLANT MEDICINE TEACHINGS: You will have access to sacred plant medicine teachings to help you deepen your understanding of how to naturally restore and maintain holistic wellbeing.
  • EXERCISES: You will be given specially designed exercises to help you develop expertise and confidence in using First Light® tree essences No's 44-50 for holistic wellbeing.
  • COMMUNITY SUPPORT: You will have access to community support and specialised classrooms in the First Light® online school where you can learn from others and share your experiences
  • RARE FILM FOOTAGE: You will have access to the First Light® online school library that houses recordings of workshops and talks with Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber.
  • Q&A: QUESTIONS ANSWERED BY FRANCHELLE: You will be able to submit questions directly to Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber and to access an extensive archive of Q&A’s.
  • 24/7 ONLINE SCHOOL ACCESS FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD: You will be able to access the state-of-the-art First Light® online school with ancient mystery teachings, community and more at any time from any of your devices from anywhere in the world.
  • STUDENT CARE AND SUPPORT: You can email our study department or access support in the First Light® online school whenever you need help, so you know you are always supported.
  • CERTIFICATE: A First Light® Certificate of completion will be sent to you on completion and submission of the exercises to meet certificate course criteria at the end of your course.

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