"The First Light Flower Essences have proven to be an amazing tool of healing within my holistic health coaching practice. Within a very short time frame this range of essences has touched my heart deeply through the many levels of healing they have shown possible. I look forward to further empowering my clients towards living fully inspired, healthy lives through ‘their’ teachings.” - Martike de Grip, Holistic Health Coach, Hong Kong

Essence Collections

There are ten collections or families of essences in the First Light range.
The first eight collections of essences are comprised of Flowers, Ferns, Trees, Seeds, Plants, Healers, Shamanic and Orchids.  They correspond to the eight dimensions of holistic wellbeing. According to traditional tohuna Dr Rangimarie Turuki Arikirangi Rose Pere  C.B.E.  C.M. these eight dimensions of holistic wellbeing are symbolically represented by Te Wheke the octopus with its eight tentacles one of the most ancient symbols for healing and wisdom.
These eight tentacles are understood in Maori spirituality to cover the eight dimensions of our multifaceted holistic make up.
Like the tentacles of the Te Wheke the octopus each of the eight First Light collections has a different energetic focus.

  • Flower Essence Collection No’s 1-36 – The Personality - transform negative attitudes
  • Fern Essence Collection No’s 37-43 – The Aura - clear away trauma
  • Tree Essences Collection No’s 44-50 – The Chakras - balance the chakras
  • Seed Essences Collection No’s 51-62 – DNA - release old patterns
  • Plant Essences Collection No’s 63-84 – Personal and soul growth
  • Healers Essences Collection No’s 85-96 – Support essences for the 21st Century healer
  • Shamanic Essences Collection No’s 97-120 – Support essences for the 21st Century shaman
  • Orchid Essences Collection No’s 121-128 – Support essences for children of the stars

The following two collections move into the world of the Fern Allies - guardians and protectors, and the Sacred Mountain Grasses - conduits of magical prayer allowing access to ancient wisdoms, moving us into alignment with our greater work.

  • Fern Ally Essences Collection No's 129-136 - The Sacred Kaitiaki - Guardians and Protectors
  • Sacred Mountain Grass Essences Collection No's 137-144 - Alchemical Elixirs of Spiritual Transcendence - Blessings on the Wind