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When We Choose a Pet

Animals can play a significant role in a person's evolution and growth, whether as a companion and 'family member' or as part of an animal group tended to by people. Choosing or being chosen by an animal companion with whom we can share a period of our lives with provides us with an opportunity to get closer to nature and to learn about life from another's perspective. Sometimes the presence of an animal in the home proves to be very challenging for the human family and other times it is an animal that has the ability to open the hearts of the people encouraging them to experience love and warmth where there has been little or none.

Girl and horse

When considering what kind of animal to share your life with many factors can be taken into account. No matter what the species - fish, mice, birds, cats, rabbits, dogs, goats, pigs, horses or any other kind - all have requirements for space, stimulation, room to move, as natural an environment as possible, companionship, adequate food, shelter and possible veterinary and other healthcare attention specific to the breed and the individual. Consider the age and lifespan of your possible companion and of course your existing family members' preferences and needs. Do you go away a lot? Will your children lose interest quickly? Do you have time for an animal? If you intend leaving your animal companion(s) with someone else or at a boarding place, then consider giving them First Light flower essences No 10 Starry Hibiscus, No 11 Chatham Island Geranium and No 12 Native Harebell. These essences are a group of three that assist with separation anxieties. No 65 Tree Fuchsia supports the soul to emotionally care for itself and No 72 Shining Spleenwort assists the animal with change and homesickness.

For animals that change homes No 25 Kowhai helps make change a more positive experience and No 37 King Fern heals the layer of the aura associated with insecurity and abandonment. No 40 Silver Fern heals the layer of the aura associated with rejection or heartfelt trauma. Essences which assist with the introduction of a newcomer to a group or family household include No 12 Native Harebell to help form new bonds and No 33 Rewarewa for socialising. No 84 Kawakawa supports the animals concerned to move more positively into the new situation.

All animals deserve respect and it is our responsibility to make a decision with this in mind. Any animal can present us with challenging behaviours and healthcare issues and these can allow us to examine our own feelings, attitudes and behaviours. If we do accept the responsibility of guardianship of an animal, they may help us learn how to play, to care for something or someone else, to make decisions in difficult situations and even how to take time out by observing a life which demonstrates living in the present moment.

First Light flower essence No 71 Coastal Convolvulus can help us to reflect upon our options and possible outcomes when choosing an animal. This helps us to become clearer about our intentions, while No 73 Coastal Lobelia will assist us to make a logical and balanced choice. This may be very helpful if we are inclined to be very emotional when making this kind of decision. Some cute faces are hard to walk past.

If it is not possible to have an animal in your family and living environment, then it may be possible to visit and share your time with an animal somewhere else. Relationships between people and animals offer the possibility of growth and enrichment to both parties.

— Marj Marks
Marj is a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand registered practitioner and registered Veterinary Nurse. Marj can be contacted on 09 422 0177, 027 612 5256 or by email: