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Using First Light® Flower Essences with Animals


First Light® flower essences can help animals in the same way they help people; addressing trauma, personality and healing blocks. Use them to rebalance and restore harmony in the animal's being. Use them to provide emotional, mental and spiritual care to animals. Use them for help in assisting an animal to deal with stress, crisis and anxiety and to cope with the ups and downs of life.


The First Light® flower essences are made available to you in two ways:

A 10ml Stock Bottle:

The 10ml stock bottle contains a concentrated form of the essence. The First Light® essences can be taken straight from the stock bottle or diluted to create a highly effective personalised blend or treatment bottle.

A 25ml Personalised Blend Bottle:

The 25ml personalised blend bottle contains a specific selection of essences that have been combined with pure water to create a unique personalised blend treatment bottle for you.


There are four different ways in which we recommend you can select personalised blends:

First Light® Self Selection Blend©

For simple situations or situations where you would like to select a blend of essences yourself, consider the situation from the animal's point of view. For example, has anything changed in the home that might have scared or unsettled it? Either refer to the Essences page to see all essences that are available to you, or to your copy of The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa. Decide which of the natural emotional remedies resonate most with the situation and order from our on-line store as a Personalised Blend - Self Selection.

First Light® Natures Healing Bouquet

For more complex situations, you may wish to use the personalised blend option of First Light® Nature’s Healing Bouquet. Just provide the necessary information about the animal and the issue at hand (don’t worry if you do not know the exact date of birth), and send it through to us and we will prepare a bottle of custom made essences for you.

First Light® Consititutional Essence Blend©

If you wish to select a Constitutional Essence Blend© for your animal you will need to know its exact birth date. Many animals derive great benefit from working with their First Light® Constitutional Essence. This powerful yet gentle blend of New Zealand native flower, fern, tree, seed and plant essences works specifically to naturally bring all aspects of the holistic being into harmonious alignment with the souls purpose.

First Light® Te Wheke Essence Blend©

The First Light® Te Wheke Essence© reflects the values that support one at all levels of the being. Eight cards representing eight essences will be selected for your animal and a brief summary will be provided of the positive and negative attributes they address. A personalised blend will then be created for your animal from the selected essences.

Alternatively, you may wish to refer to a Registered First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Practitioner who specialises in working with animals.


Simply dilute 2-4 drops of the 10ml stock essence or the 25ml personalised blend essence into the animal’s drinking water or food 3 times per day.

If you are creating own treatment bottle for the animal, dosage is the same as it is for people but apple cider vinegar may be used as the carrier rather than alcohol, especially when giving to birds and other small animals.


The following case studies have been provided by Marj Marks, a registered veterinary nurse and First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® registered practitioner.



Sunny, a thirteen-year old gelding, became lame after years of soundness. Although the initial ‘physical’ cause was identified, the horse went through his own personal healing journey for a period of 10 months. This at times had his owner facing the possibility that her horse may never be sound again as he was clearly in pain at times and obviously lame, even at a walk.

Although Sunny was treated with other healing modalities, his response to the New Zealand First Light Flower Essences were very clear and immediate. At one point the healing appeared to be going nowhere; he was given No 38 Rasp Fern to address the trauma of the initial cause of the problem - which had occurred when uninvited work had been done on the horse, with his personal boundaries overridden. 

Within 24 hours of taking No 38 Rasp Fern, Sunny trotted up to his owner, head up, ears pricked, eyes brighter - with a general sense of lightness in his step. He progressed from this point for a few weeks, and then his pain level began to increase again.

His owner felt that the horse had reached another ‘stuck’ point and wondered where to go from there. Sunny was then given No 78 Akeake essence to help him move and heal from this ‘stuck’ place, where something had impacted on him deeply, and affected him physically. 

Miraculously, after 8 months of lameness, he made a significant turnaround, and within 24 hours of taking No 78 Akeake, he again looked happier, brighter and moved freely. He has only progressed forwards from this point on – becoming stronger and able to be ridden without fear of the pain.



Toby, a Labrador cross Pointer, was 7-years old and of a nervous disposition when a neighbour’s dog viciously attacked him. Following this experience he would only leave the house or his owner’s vehicle, with great reluctance and then only for short bursts. Toby was given Tree Essence No 44 Kahikatea, four times daily for a month. The No 44 Kahikatea essence was able to strengthen and energise the base chakra, addressing Toby’s instinctual need to flee when he perceived his survival was threatened.

Over the time of initial treatment he began to venture out into the paddocks with his owner. He was comfortable to stay with her and not disappear back to the house. Also at night, he would walk around outside the house for longer stretches of time on his own. His owner was very pleased with his obvious progress and growing confidence, and has continued treatment with the essences.



Cloud – a cat, whose ears and nose had been removed surgically due to cancer on all three areas, was brought to my attention by her owner. She said that Cloud was squatting frequently to urinate, although seldom passed anything. Otherwise she was eating and drinking and behaving normally. I gave Cloud No 16 Small White Rata. This flower essence certainly helped change Cloud’s mental attitude toward being healed. Prior to this Cloud was not able to believe in, or accept, healing energy. Her mind was disassociated from her body, which was manifesting complaints until this split was healed and attitude changed.

Within a week of taking No 16 Small White Rata, Cloud had returned to good health, appearing very content and peaceful.