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The Taurus Child

The Taurus children in my life I often experience as having an ‘easy going’ and down to earth nature or expression. Steady, determined, resourceful and persistent in nature, they are well equipped to meet and overcome life’s challenges, particularly those of the physical and emotional type.

No 4 Marlborough Rock Daisy, No 5 Native Passionfruit and No 6 New Zealand Jasmine are the flower essences associated with the Taurus archetype and when taken will ensure a positive expression of these attributes is maintained. If your child is a born Taurus, including the three essences in a constitutional blend will assist them to meet their life needs with much steadfastness. If these are qualities your child needs to enhance to enable them to meet their life goals, you can read more about each in The Sacred Plant Medicine of Aotearoa Vol. 1 or see a First Light Practitioner for a personalised blend.

Taurus children are able to see the beauty in life, are generous, loyal and open hearted. These children also appreciate the comforts in life.

As individual essences, I use Flowers No 4, 5 and 6 often to support common childhood expressions.

No 4 Marlborough Rock Daisy is the essence for fear of known things such as the dark, crowds etc. If a child becomes anxiety prone when facing these situations, here is your ally to support them. No 4 Marlborough Rock Daisy will assist them to trust their instincts and honour their gut feelings.

Another expression associated with the Taurus type is to experience hypersensitivity to the world around them. There may appear to be a fragility in the child’s nervous system. Their sensitivity may be emotional, due to unkindness or conflict and could also include expressions that are physical allergic responses. No 4 Marlborough Rock Daisy is a place to start if you want to assist a hypersensitive child.

I have always used No 4 Marlborough Rock Daisy in blends for my babies and young children when they have had busy days facing the fullness of 21st century life. I have observed it to have a calming, restorative and balancing action on the physical and emotional being, allowing the child to relax and find ease in the physical pressures. As Franchelle tells us, this is the essence for the child who is crying for no apparent reason!

No 5 Native Passionfruit is the essence of choice for the sweet-toothed child. It is also suitable if the child has developed eating patterns around food which are unsustainable or unhealthy for their total wellbeing. They may also be obsessive or compulsive in nature.

No 6 New Zealand Jasmine can be used to enhance the child’s innate natural powers of resistance to illness. This is very timely as we head into winter. In a world which is placing increasing stress and pressure on all aspects of our beings, chronic exhaustion in younger people, particularly youth, is becoming more evident.

What a blessing it is to have such allies to assist and support our children in all areas of their lives.

— Anna Gentry
Anna is a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand Practitioner, Diploma holder, and tutor. A qualified and experienced teacher, mother of 4 young children and co-founder of NaturePlayNZ, an organisation dedicated to assisting children, mother earth and the future. First Light® Flower Essences form the foundation of her relationship to assist all children to express beauty and balance in their lives. Anna can be contacted by email: