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The Role of the Healer With Animals


For all sorts of reasons, we find ourselves in the role of 'carer' or 'healer' to an animal. Other people's domestic animals turn up at our homes or are placed into our care when they may be lost, abandoned, orphaned, sick, injured or wounded, distressed or stray. Our first need is to establish if they are in a life-threatening state or not. If so, then we probably need to find veterinary attention for the animal concerned, as soon as possible.

Our 'new guest' or 'patient' may be in a state of fear, disorientation or distress, in which case we can give them a dose of First Light® Crisis Support© Combination essence, which helps to calm animals as well as people in emergency situations where there is panic, worry and shock. It may be advisable to repeat the dose at 5 minute intervals if the animal is very distressed. Of course, if this is the case and the drops cannot be directly put in the animal’s mouth, then Crisis Support© can be put in drinking water, on food or into a mister bottle and sprayed around the animal and space that they are in.

Any dispensing of essences to animals must be done calmly and with as little stress as possible caused to the animal, no matter what species they are. When the animal appears calmer and more at ease then the drops can be stopped or just repeated at more lengthy intervals. Remember to take Crisis Support© yourself if you feel anxious about the situation and are in need of some calm. Flower essence No 18 Purple Koromiko will support you in the role of 'healer'.

Some animals need to be given a quiet, secure, even darkened space to be in while they recover from whatever ordeal they have experienced prior to being in your care. Domestic animals that have experienced traumas such as earthquakes, fires or other natural disasters may be given Disaster Relief©, which is given in the same way as Crisis Support©. These animals may have lost their homes and their people.

Small domestic animals can have drops put on their bare skin, behind their ears, in their food or water or misted lightly around them. Take care when giving birds drops, as you don't want to drown them. Make sure you know where their nostrils are - and watch their beaks with glass droppers! Just allowing a bird's beak end to touch the drops can be enough. Be careful to avoid eyes as well.

To make up a treatment bottle from a combination essence such as Crisis Support©, I add 8 drops from the stock bottle to 5ml of brandy (or cider vinegar) and 20 mls of spring water. I then give two or up to ten drops to the animal, depending upon whether I am treating a mouse or a horse. If dosing straight from the stock bottle, then I may use only one drop or four, again depending upon who I am treating. It is more effective to increase the frequency of dose rather than the number of drops given. Putting essences in an animal's drinking water allows it to have free access to the essences as needed. You can adjust the number of drops you put in water according to whether you are using them from an already made-up treatment bottle or stock bottle and according to the volume of water they are going into. If making up a mister bottle, you can just add the drops to spring water for immediate use. Use what you have available to you at the time.

Important to animals in these situations is the need to feel safe, to have rest, shelter, food and water. They need to have attention paid to any physical ailment, sometimes require companionship and of course love and respect. Depending upon the individual situation of the animal that has been entrusted into your care for a while, you can determine a blend of First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®, which will support their needs. Their special needs may require essences for their individual personalities, fears and anxieties, depression, trauma, grief and/or support for life situations.

Should you find yourself in the role of 'healer' to an unexpected animal 'patient', Crisis Support© will prove to be an excellent help if you have it in your First Aid Kit, glove box or handbag!

— Marj Marks
Marj is a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand registered practitioner and registered Veterinary Nurse. Marj can be contacted on 09 422 0177, 027 612 5256 or by email: