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The Leo Child

The Leo Child by nature is a generous, radiant, warm and loving child. Like a young ‘cub’ the child’s playful, spontaneous spark of true self is a creative expression of who they really are. A child of the Sun.

To nurture a young Leo’s fire is to surround them with opportunities for creative self- expression. Opening your doors to the world of nature the ‘nature classroom’ is one way to provide limitless opportunities to engage the child’s inner ‘spark’. When they are given free and regular access to the natural world, the curiosity of the soul is unleashed, to explore, discover, wonder and inspire the creative urge. Placing the child and their creative urge to play in nature fosters the potential for a heart-based relationship with all of life.

Natural ‘taonga’ (treasures) provide a rich, enchanting palette from which the child sees and experiences the beauty of life. Beauty which is so subtlety embedded in natures patterns, cycles, and relationships. Once the child has an opportunity to see and experience the beauty they are then equipped to create or ‘be the beauty’.

The Leo essences No 13 Kanuka, No 14 Rengarenga Lily and No 15 Mingimingi collectively foster a healthy relationship of the child and their creative talents. This trio of First Light® essences encourages a healthy relationship to ego and self-expression and helps maintain the cheerful, loving, warm, energised disposition expressed through the Leo archetype.

— Anna Gentry
Anna is a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand Practitioner, Diploma holder, and tutor. A qualified and experienced teacher, mother of 4 young children and co-founder of NaturePlayNZ, an organisation dedicated to assisting children, mother earth and the future. First Light® Flower Essences form the foundation of her relationship to assist all children to express beauty and balance in their lives. Anna can be contacted by email: