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The Keys to Staying on Top of Your Game in 2017

As the year gets into full swing, you may be feeling the squeeze. The momentum picks up and the number of items on your ‘to do’ list starts to increase.

The calm, relaxed mode you dropped into over the holiday period has become but a distant memory as the stress of daily life creeps up on you like a sneak-thief, whisking away your serenity before your very eyes. “How did this happen?” you may ask as you sit at your work desk.

Sometimes you fantasise about packing up everything and retreating to a hut in the mountains away from it all.

Take charge of your life situation

Pause for a moment and take stock of what you are doing, how you are doing it, and why. The beginning of the year is high-time for a new approach to how you ‘do’ life.

If your life situation is feeling a bit overwhelming, take a moment to gain objectivity on how your attitude and behaviours have helped to create this state of overwhelm.

Know that you have the opportunity at any moment to take charge by responding, rather than reacting to what is happening in your life.

Chose whether to react or respond

When you react to things that happen in your life, it is generally an unconscious pattern of thinking or behaving. It is automatic and it comes from a place of fear or pain. You may or may not consciously know the source of this fear or pain.

On the other hand, when you respond, you are making a conscious choice to think or behave in a certain way. It is not an automatic, knee-jerk thing. When you are responding, you are coming at it from an empowered place.

Check your habits

Old habits die hard. Have you been leaning on stimulants like caffiene, sugar, alcohol or other in order to prop yourself up to get everything done?

It would be wise to reasess how these stimulanats are really working for you, or not. If you are running around being ‘busy’ on nervous energy, chances are you are frying your nervous system and adrenals. This will potentially have a whole raft of detrimental effects on your body.

If you are finding that you are not sleeping well, can’t relax and feel edgy or irritable, these are tell-tale signs that you are out of balance. Look after your nervous system and adrenal glands – these glands are the regulators and producers of stress hormones in the body.

So what can you do about it?

Bring yourself back in balance and continue to be a dynamic player in the game of life.

One of the first steps to achieve this is to get present. Be honest with yourself about what and how you are really doing. Seek help if needed.

A well-functioning physical foundation is essential in helping you perform at optimum capacity. If your nerves feel frayed, your energy levels are all over the place and your digestive system is giving you grief (all signs of stress overload) consider paying a visit to a qualified Naturopath, Herbalist or Nutritionist. If you’re in physical pain, and possibly have been for some time, your body is trying to get your attention. It can be easy to over ride pain, especially when it isn’t really bad or debilitating, and you can find yourself ‘soldiering on’. Consider seeing a qualified Chiropractor, Osteopath or Massage Therapist to get your physical structures back on track.

Here are some top First Light® essences to help you cope with life and stay in balance:

Flowers Essence No 16 Small White Rata the Perfection essence supports you to see the perfection in everything, without being overly rigid or obsessive. Great for when you’re stuck in the details of a situation, wasting energy or feeling chaotic and disordered.

Flowers Essence No 17 Akepiro the Synthesis essence helps you assimilate life experiences and make necessary adjustments to bring order back to your life. Very useful when youre feeling mentally or physically stressed or strung out.

Flowers Essence No 18 Purple Koromiko the Simplicity essence positively supports you to keep it simple, and uncomplicate your life. A great essence for when you’re feeling tired, worn out, and need to take better care of yourself and exercise discrimination with regards to your diet and lifestyle behaviours.

Plant Essence No 63 Karamu the Manifestation essence supports you as you juggle all the different aspects of your life. Karamu helps you to stay present and to direct energy in a focused, deliberate way so you’re not wasting or expending it unneccesarily. An essential essence to use when you’re feeling overwhelmed, ill-equipped, or lacking the energy to meet the demands of life situations effectively.

— Lana Raill
Lana holds diplomas in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine and New Zealand Native Flower Essence Therapy, and is a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Registered Practitioner. Lana specialises in working with vibrational plant medicine in the form of First Light® flower essences and is available for consultations in Grey Lynn and Avondale on 021 02468952 or by email: