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Tending to Wildlife


Once you have established if emergency or professional care is required, you can call on First Light Flower Essence Crisis Support© and administer 1 - 4 drops from a stock or treatment bottle directly into the animal’s mouth, or more likely you can spray or mist the essence from a made-up mister bottle around the area where the animal is. Add No 21 Hinau to the treatment bottle or mister bottle to help create a safe and respectful space for the animal. Essence drops can also be put into the animal’s drinking water, on food or onto the skin. Because contact with humans can be very stressful for some animals, all care must be taken to keep them calm. Wild animals sometimes need our attention. Whether we work for a wildlife rescue organisation, an animal refuge or are simply 'there' when a wild animal has become injured, orphaned, sick or dislocated from its natural habitat, the First Light® flower essences can assist to calm and reassure the sometimes traumatised or frightened animal. It will depend upon what country you are in as to what species of animal crosses your path. Both prey animals and predator animals can fight to protect themselves or their offspring when feeling threatened, so it is important to recognise the best practical method of managing the situation and to keep yourself safe.

If Combination Essence Crisis Support© is not available, consider No 23 Lacebark to bring courage to a panicking and out of control animal, No 37 King Fern to address fears for physical safety, No 77 Clematis to help the animal cope with the situation, No 78 Akeake for shock and upset and No 80 Raglan Roseberry to reduce anxiety and fear. If the animal is very distressed, the drops can be given or misted frequently until it is more settled. Some of the more vulnerable, sensitive and fragile creatures may not survive human contact, while others will be too dangerous to physically contact or be near. In the latter case, the spray is advisable and dispensing the drops into water and onto food is the best option. A wee mouse or tiny bird can benefit from just one or two drops while an elephant or a bear could be given up to ten drops at a time, from either a stock or treatment bottle. As with any situation you find yourself in which requires immediate attention, work with what you have to provide support and assistance.

There are many situations in all walks of life where wild animals have lost their homes or their relatives as a result of human actions. Some have been cruelly treated by people and are emotionally traumatised as a result. Sometimes wildlife is displaced or dis-orientated by natural disasters such as fires and storms, while others are physically hurt. No matter what species of wild animal has come your way, First Light Flower Essences Crisis Support© and/or Disaster Relief© (for natural disasters where animals have been displaced from their homes) are both valuable Combination Essences to work with. In all cases, particularly where there is a history of trauma resulting from human actions, individual blends of essences may be made up for a particular animal. This may follow an initial dosing with Crisis Support© and will be helpful for the animal who is spending time in the care of humans.

Working in a stress-free manner with nature, using the First Light® flower essences can greatly benefit the animal kingdom with whom we share the planet.

— Marj Marks
Marj is a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand registered practitioner and registered Veterinary Nurse. Marj can be contacted on 09 422 0177, 027 612 5256 or by email: