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Supporting Your Child Through the School Years

As a parent, grandparent or significant elder in a child’s life it is often challenging to be able to know how to respond to our children’s needs, especially when we observe them struggling to meet expected daily norms. Meeting the demands and expectations of school is one of these. It can be hard to know how to assist our children to make sense of their experiences and find daily balance, whilst remaining true to their unique paths and gifts. As the elder you may often be bombarded with the emotional and physical outbursts as a response to the pressure of having to meet these demands.

The Flower Collection of the First Light Flower Essences of NZ range are powerful allies for the child. As transformers of negative attitudes into positive expressions, they can assist your child to meet life harmoniously and joyfully.

Our current school system expects the child to step out on their own at the age of 5 for significant parts of the day, and recently with the advent of early childhood education this has become the norm at age 3. The child is expected to spend prolonged periods of time away from home and their loved ones. They are required to build and sustain constructive relationships with teachers and peers and to work in large groups often towards a common goal.

It is important to remember the foundation for life is being laid in these years and your child’s experience of them can influence their wellbeing now and in later years. As they negotiate the school territory First Light Flower Essences can support them in staying true to their unique paths, developing their own personal gifts and letting ‘their light shine’ through.

Flower essence No 3 Cook Strait Groundsel is the ‘confidence’ essence. It can assist your child to know that they are as capable as others, to remain self-reliant, self motivated and self assured. Cook Strait Groundsel is useful if you want your child to be able to confront everyday challenges when feeling down about meeting the demands of life.

If your child has or is just starting school and is finding letting go of Mum and home challenging No 10 Starry Hibiscus will assist in the ‘weaning process’.

No 21 Hinau, the ‘sacred space’ essence can help your child to trust their own knowing and intuition and to listen to their own ‘inner’ voice. In often over-stimulating, busy environments Hinau is a powerful ally to assist the child in holding their personal space. Some children find making and sustaining new relationships and friendships challenging and this essence can enhance their interpersonal skills.

School has many imposing expectations particularly around continuous assessment, comparison and achievement. The ‘aspiration’ essence No 28 Chatham Island Forget-Me-Not can assist your child to be at ease with authority figures (teachers) and is useful if they are upset and feeling inadequate.

No 31 Native Iris, the ‘individuality’ essence can help your child to know their own uniqueness in a class situation where they have to conform to another reality. It can assist your child to stand up for there own ideas and support them if they are feeling left out. No 32 Ice Plant, the ‘freedom’ essence supports the desire to grow through shared experiences and enhances the ability to move forward into new friendships and group situations. This is also a useful essence for teachers who want to develop a harmonious classroom.

If your child is having issues around learning, mentally engaging with life and study the three Flower essences No 7 Mountain Parahebe, No 8 Matata and No 9 Koru are the essences for the ‘student’. No 7 Mountain Parahebe is the essence which can support your child with study regimes and exams. No 8 Matata is the support essence for gifted children or for those whose educational needs are not been met by conventional forms of learning. No 9 Koru can enhance your child’s mental discipline during study.

— Anna Gentry
Anna is a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand Practitioner, Diploma holder, and tutor. A qualified and experienced teacher, mother of 4 young children and co-founder of NaturePlayNZ, an organisation dedicated to assisting children, mother earth and the future. First Light® Flower Essences form the foundation of her relationship to assist all children to express beauty and balance in their lives. Anna can be contacted by email: