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Supporting Sensitive People in a Busy, 24/7, High Tech World

Sensitive people are an essential part of the fabric of society. Their high levels of empathy, care and attention to the periphery play an important role in supporting our communities. Lately there has been a real rise in awareness of introversion and the need for certain individuals to recharge themselves in solitude. Over-exposure to an increasingly busy society and world can be draining and stressful to sensitive folk and potentially lead to physical health issues.

‘Burnout’ is very common among sensitive people, who often find themselves drawn to the caring professions and who tend to be natural listeners, nurturers and caretakers. Very often the sensitivity of these individuals becomes more apparent as they get older.

Our technological and busy world is placing more and more stress on sensitive people. Individuals may be impacted by all manner of factors that more robust people simply brush off or never notice. Culprits include:

  • Loud noise, either sudden or ongoing background noise such as traffic.
  • Electromagnetic pollution. We are living in a world of invisible electromagnetic smog, which can be debilitating to some individuals.
  • Busy, crowded environments – these places can quickly overwhelm the senses (too many people!). Shopping malls can be particularly challenging.
  • Too much time spent on screens can be an underlying cause of nervous system issues.
  • Driving and commuting.

There is much nutritional support available to assist the sensitive to cope and physical modalities can offer support too. Taking practical and physiological steps is essential, they can reduce symptoms and can improve day-to-day stress levels.

Flower Essences to the Rescue

Flower essence therapy is a powerful adjunct to these physical approaches. The First Light® flower essence range includes multiple supportive single essences and blends that can provide profound multi-faceted support and protection to highly sensitive people or those who are stressed or at risk of burn out.

Specific First Light® Flower Essences that May Help

  • No 4 Marlborough Rock Daisy, the Self-Worth essence. Useful for those who are nervous and prone to anxiety around known things, such as crowds.
  • No 34 Heketara, the Unity essence. Very useful for those who suffer anxiety, foreboding and apprehension for unknown reasons.
  • No 64 Koromiko, the Wisdom essence. This essence is very useful for empaths with high degrees of sensitivity who feel they need a stronger boundary between themselves and their environment.
  • No 89 Black Shield Fern, the Double Protection essence. For maximum energetic protection and to close off energetically to take time out. For times when you need to recharge your battery or when going into environments where you know you will be overwhelmed by energy. Standard essence for those who are very sensitive to electromagnetism.
  • No 90 Smooth Shield Fern, the Healers Protection essence. Very useful for those who work in the caring professions or in close proximity to others for long periods of time. Assists you to stay open and empathetic while retaining personal objectivity and energetic autonomy.

First Light® Combination Essences©:

  • First Light Radiation Shield© – for those very sensitive to e-smog and radiation
  • First Light® De-Stress Support© – useful during stressful times of increased activity and exposure to challenges
  • First Light® Crisis Support© – first aid for any upset, shock or sudden overstimulation
  • First Light® White Light Support© – very useful for protection when in known aggravating environments, such as before a visit to the mall

Ongoing use of supportive flower essences can really help the sensitive people to maintain a state of inner calm and poise as they face the challenges of living in the 21st Century.