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Separation Anxiety

Today, it is not uncommon for the household dog or cat to be put on the animal equivalent of anti-depressants for what is termed "separation anxiety". When an animal is left at a boarding situation, away from home or separated from their owners or close animal companions, dogs and cats may fret or become stressed. They may show this by being excessively noisy, losing their appetite, destructive behaviour, chewing and biting themselves or toileting inside. This can also occur when the owner goes to work.

Horses can be reluctant and anxious about leaving their paddock mates or, if left behind, can run up and down fence lines, calling out. Away from home, they can develop diarrhea and lose interest in their food.

Essences which may be put in a treatment bottle and given at 4 drops, 3 - 4 times daily (on food, in drinking water or directly in mouth)

Include: No 4 Marlborough Rock Daisy for sense of security and courage, No 10 Starry Hibiscus for emotional strength and to ease separation, No 11 Chatham Island Geranium for emotional independence, No 12 Native Harebell for homesickness and fear of being left alone, No 44 Kahikatea to balance and strengthen the base chakra, and for security, No 47 Kauri to balance and strengthen the heart chakra, No 65 Tree Fuschia for emotional support and No 68 Puriri for independence and support to be on own.

The treatment bottle lasts 4 weeks. For horses, as they are not always easily accessible, dose them at least once daily on carrot, apple or bread and once in the water trough - if possible dose them three times in a day. Dogs and cats are easier to dose at 3 - 4 times daily.

— Marj Marks
Marj is a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand registered practitioner and registered Veterinary Nurse. Marj can be contacted on 09 422 0177, 027 612 5256 or by email: